Toxic oversight: woman poisoned herself with false aloe vera

Toxic oversight: woman poisoned herself with false aloe vera

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Blogger eats poisonous agave leaves instead of healthy aloe vera
Aloe vera is considered by some to be a true “miracle plant” that is not only ideal for skin care, but can also help with various health problems. A young woman from China wanted to show on her blog how healthy the plant is. However, she bit into another plant and poisoned herself in the process.

Aloe vera is used externally and internally
Aloe vera is a true all-rounder in naturopathy. The plant, which is used both externally and internally, is used among other things against sunburn or as a home remedy for bloating. However, the healing power has so far only been proven in a few studies. Sufficient evidence is lacking, especially for the effectiveness when used internally. A blogger from China wanted to show her viewers what Aloe Vera really can do. But she made a dramatic mistake.

Dangerous mix-up
According to media reports, the 26-year-old blogger Zhang wanted to show the health benefits of aloe vera in a live stream. To demonstrate this, she bit a leaf of a plant.

However, it was not aloe vera, but that of a poisonous plant. Apparently the young woman noticed the confusion quickly.

As it says on the portal "asiaone", she initially said: "This is great. Delicious. "But she quickly changed her mind and said," Oh, that's bitter. It's really bitter. "

The blogger immediately ended her live stream and went to a hospital.

Blogger bit into poisonous agave americana
It turned out that the woman had not eaten aloe vera, but an agave americana. These two plants look very similar, but unlike aloe vera, agave is poisonous.

Zhang later said that her mouth was "numb" and her throat "burned like fire." After three bites of the Agave americana, she "lost her voice".

The doctors are said to have seen rashes and blisters on her body and had to pump her stomach out. After that, her condition stabilized.

Severe skin irritation possible
The juice of the agave is also partly used as a remedy. It is slightly toxic and should therefore be dosed carefully, experts advise. In undiluted form, it can cause severe irritation to the skin and mucous membranes.

According to a publication by Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, "Agave americana contains several toxic compounds, the effects of which have not yet been clearly clarified".

In Mexico, plant juice is also used to make schnapps, the well-known mezcal.

Agave syrup is also obtained from the plant, which is considered by many to be a healthier sweetener than sugar. (ad)

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