Healthy grilling: Marinate meat and vegetables before grilling

Healthy grilling: Marinate meat and vegetables before grilling

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Avoid health risks when grilling
Whether sausages, fish or vegetables: barbecuing with family and friends is one of the highlights of summer time for many people. But the popular grilled food also carries risks. Experts provide tips for healthy barbecuing fun.

Vegetarian alternatives are becoming increasingly popular
On warm days, many people go outside to eat. Grilling together in a convivial atmosphere is particularly popular. It is no longer just meat and sausages that are on the grill - alternative grilling with vegetables and tofu is becoming increasingly popular.

Toxic substances from dripping marinade
The preparation of the food to be grilled also poses risks, regardless of whether the food to be grilled is of vegetable or animal origin. Because as soon as fat or meat juice drips into the embers or heating coil of the electric grill, toxic substances form, informs the consumer initiative e.V. It is therefore advisable not to coat the treats with oil while grilling, but rather to put them marinated on the grill.

Important: When turning, a meat tongs and not a meat fork should be used to prevent the meat juice from leaking through punctures. To ensure that nothing can drip into the fire, aluminum trays or metal grill pans are available.

Colorful salad instead of heavy side dishes
If you want to grill tasty but still light, you should avoid hearty side dishes and greasy sauces. Because salads with mayonnaise are often very heavy and filling, finished barbecue sauces usually contain a lot of sugar and salt.

Some baked potatoes or a colorful salad, on the other hand, are low in calories and do not mask the taste of the food to be grilled. "Homemade yogurt sauces and finely chopped fresh herbs are much more imaginative and health-conscious than the unified taste from the bottle to refine the grilled food," recommends Laura Gross of the consumer initiative. (No)

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