Research: Zinc intake relieves colds

Research: Zinc intake relieves colds

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Zinc tablets can alleviate colds, according to a study
A new meta-analysis comes to the conclusion that lozenges with zinc acetate help to cure a cold more quickly.

Researchers from Finland report that zinc apparently can triple the recovery rate for colds. To do this, they evaluated three studies. It was found that on the fifth day after the onset of a cold, almost three times as many participants who took the zinc tablets were healthy compared to the placebo group (70% versus 27%). The dose used in the studies was between 80 and 92 milligrams per day. There were no serious side effects in the studies, although the dose was far above the daily dose for zinc recommended by the German Nutrition Society.

The scientists point out the different quality and composition of zinc lozenges that are currently available on the market. Some of these have a different dosage or contain substances that bind zinc ions, such as citric acid. Therefore, the study results could simply be transferred to all products. (Federal German Alternative Practitioner)

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