Sensible weight loss during spring cleaning: This is how much calories are consumed during cleaning

Sensible weight loss during spring cleaning: This is how much calories are consumed during cleaning

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Spring cleaning: cleaning windows boosts calorie consumption
Admittedly, not all people love cleaning. You should then just keep in mind that working in the house not only ensures cleanliness, but can also help you lose weight. Because during spring cleaning, many calories are burned.

Spring cleaning helps with weight loss
If you want to reduce your body weight, you should better refrain from extreme crash diets, because these bring almost nothing because you gain weight quickly due to the yo-yo effect. According to experts, the best chance of losing weight is with a permanent diet with fewer calories. At the same time, you should exercise regularly, because sport is also helpful when losing weight. It is currently a good idea to bring the house up to scratch. Spring cleaning replaces fitness training.

Cleaning windows boosts calorie consumption
Cleaning windows not only provides a clear view, but also boosts calorie consumption and is ideally suited as fitness training.

Climbing and descending the ladder promotes endurance, similar to climbing stairs, the consumer initiative writes in a message.

“Deliberately stretch yourself out when cleaning the upper areas, this is an effective stretching exercise. Get down on your knees to reach the lower areas and push yourself up again with strength, ”recommends Alexandra Borchard-Becker from the consumer initiative.

Energy consumption of one hour of endurance sports
The experts also explain how productive cleaning can be. For example, a person weighing 70 kilos consumes around 320 calories in one hour of window cleaning.

If you add 30 minutes of vacuuming and 15 minutes of wiping, the energy consumption increases by another 200 kilocalories.

Scrubbing the bathroom tiles thoroughly over the tub and in the shower is a good workout for your arms and chest muscles. A nice side effect: in just 15 minutes, almost 75 kilocalories have been consumed.

Two hours of spring cleaning therefore bring a total of around 600 kilocalories less and are comparable to the energy consumption of one hour of endurance sports.

Make plaster training effective
In order to make the plastering training even more effective, according to the consumer initiative, long breaks should not be taken while working quickly. However, it should always be drunk in between, for example water or unsweetened teas.

The arms should be changed regularly to avoid one-sided loads. Finally, stretch and loosen your whole body.

Ideally, the abdominal and pomus muscles are kept tense and the tension held for a while. The ladder can serve as a fitness machine, climb and descend as often as possible. This also improves endurance. (ad)

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