Catering in children's facilities is in need of improvement

Catering in children's facilities is in need of improvement

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Teaching the basics of nutrition in children and toddlers
Meals in daycare centers and other care facilities often do not meet the requirements for a balanced diet. "Too much meat, too heavily seasoned, too heavily processed, too little fruit and vegetables, too little dairy products - this is how the situation of catering in many children's facilities can currently be described," said the seminar of the Academy of Sports, by he German Society for Nutrition (DGE) is recommended.

The Academy of Sports will be offering an online seminar on catering in daycare centers and crèches next Monday. In the DGE announcement, the focus of the seminar is on "Fundamentals in the nutrition of children and toddlers (including special features in the crèche area)" and the mediation of the "DGE quality standards for catering in day care centers for children". The way to an optimal meal plan should also be shown (action planning; optimization of the meal plans; application of the DGE standards; feedback from parents, children and carers).

Many obstacles to changing your diet
Other important points in the online seminar offered are the successful cooperation with caterers and kindergarten kitchens as well as the successful work with parents. The Academy of Sports emphasizes that creating a child-friendly offer seems easier than done for everyone involved. Parents would fear an increase in prices, children would lose their favorite foods, educators would boycott their facility, and food providers would have more time and planning. However, this does not have to be the case.

Healthy eating as a top priority
"If you stay open and see the bigger picture, you will perceive the change as feasible and child's play," said the announcement of the online workshop "Catering for daycare centers and crèches". Based on a real case, the seminar will also show how the diet can be changed in a child-friendly and needs-oriented manner. A goal that should always be pursued, because children's health should always be a top priority. (fp)

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