New breast milk bank opened at Freiburg University Hospital

New breast milk bank opened at Freiburg University Hospital

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A new breast milk bank has started at the University Medical Center Freiburg
The benefits of breast milk for the health of young people have been scientifically proven in recent years. "Premature babies in particular benefit from the unique components of breast milk, which among other things offer them natural protection against infections and serious intestinal problems," according to the Freiburg University Hospital. In order to ensure the availability of breast milk also for women who do not produce enough milk themselves, the first breast milk bank in Germany has now been initiated in Freiburg.

According to the University Medical Center Freiburg, mothers of premature babies “often only produce little or no milk.” Previously, premature babies based on artificial baby food had been required in such cases. However, a better alternative is the use of donated breast milk, reports the Freiburg University Hospital, citing the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO). The new breast milk bank should offer help here in the future.

Optimal care for premature and newborn babies
At the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the University Medical Center Freiburg, led by the neonatologist and pediatric intensive care doctor Dr. Daniel Klotz opens the first women's milk bank in Baden-Württemberg. "Here, mothers of premature babies or newborns, who make up an excess of breast milk in addition to the needs of their own child, can donate their milk for the optimal nutrition of other premature babies in the clinic," said the university hospital.

Breast milk is processed for storage
For storage in the breast milk bank, the donated breast milk is first examined microbiologically and pasteurized if necessary. Then the storage takes place at minus 20 degrees Celsius. "After being processed for consumption, the milk is available for premature babies and sick newborns who do not receive milk from their own mother," the university hospital said. Mothers of other newborns and premature babies who are being treated in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Freiburg University Hospital are to be donated. The women are specially selected and tested for diseases, the doctors explain.

Breast milk has clear advantages for the offspring
"The goal of our breast milk bank is to provide all very small premature babies in our own department with breast milk so that they can benefit from the valuable components of breast milk," emphasizes Dr. Log. For example, premature babies who are fed donated breast milk instead of artificial baby food are, among other things, significantly less likely to be affected by serious intestinal complications and show better food tolerance. In addition, a better neurological development in premature babies through breast milk is suspected, the university hospital continues. According to Dr. Klotz provides "the women's milk bank an important component in the optimal care of our smallest premature babies." (Fp)

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