Health question: go to the sauna despite high blood pressure?

Health question: go to the sauna despite high blood pressure?

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Hypertension and sauna: what should be considered?
Many people suffering from high blood pressure are unsure whether they can go to the sauna. The German High Pressure League e.V. DHL® explains what effects saunas have on the body and what hypertension patients should be aware of.

The sauna session is initially a burden on the cardiovascular system. There is an increased release of stress hormones, which also accelerates the heart rate continuously. Studies have shown that the upper, systolic blood value increases with the length of time spent in the sauna. The lower, diastolic blood value increases significantly at the beginning of the sauna and then remains constant during this time. So there is no decrease in the diastolic value. The drop in blood pressure does not occur until the resting phase. Then stop for a long time. If you have a well-controlled high blood pressure, you don't have to do without the sauna pleasure.

Sauna with high blood pressure - how it works
Anyone who has not exercised or exercised for a long time should, like patients with previous illnesses, consult their doctor or alternative practitioner before visiting the sauna for the first time. If you have high blood pressure, the following applies: The blood pressure should not only be well adjusted at rest, but also under stress.

If you want to take a sauna regularly with well-adjusted high blood pressure, you should also consider other things. First, beginners should start slowly and slowly increase. The length of stay should also only be about three to five minutes at the beginning and should be increased slowly if tolerated. On the other hand, patients with high blood pressure should avoid radical cooling after going to the sauna in the ice basin or the cold shower.

Who better refrains from sweating
In the event of poorly controlled high blood pressure or repeated blood pressure crises, acute heart weakness, chest pain with changing symptoms (unstable angina pectoris) and other heart diseases in which heavy stress should be avoided, the sauna should be avoided.

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