Patient tricks: better palpate breasts to detect breast cancer early

Patient tricks: better palpate breasts to detect breast cancer early

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Breast cancer: cancer patient shares life-saving trick
In Germany alone, around 70,000 women develop breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is the most common tumor in women. As a rule, the chances of recovery increase the earlier the tumor is discovered. A cancer patient from England has now shared a little trick with the public that has helped her recognize breast cancer.

Most common malignant tumor in women
Breast cancer, also called breast cancer, is the most common malignant tumor in women. In Germany alone, 70,000 new cases are counted annually. As a rule, the chances of a cure increase the earlier the tumor is discovered and the more precisely it can be diagnosed. Health experts therefore advise that the body be checked regularly for signs of cancer. A woman from Great Britain, who developed cancer herself, has now shared a trick on the Internet that makes it easier to detect lumps in the breasts.

Cancer patient shares her personal trick
Earlier this month, 27-year-old Hayley Browning from Chelmsford, Essex posted a photo on Facebook showing her in the hospital. The English woman said that she was diagnosed with breast cancer a few weeks ago.

A little trick helped the diagnosis, which the patient now recommends to all women. "I hope that I can share my little trick with as many people as possible because it may help save lives," the 27-year-old writes in her post.

Women should feel breasts while lying down
When the doctors diagnosed her with breast cancer three weeks earlier, she said she could only feel the lump when she was lying. He "completely disappeared when I stood," said the patient.

“Most websites tell you to search for nodes in the shower, but if I had followed this recommendation, the node might have grown so much that it would no longer be treatable. Not even the surgeon could feel the knot when I was standing. "

"So I hereby call on all women to feel themselves lying down, as well as standing up," writes the Englishwoman. "As I think about my long upcoming journey and chemotherapy, I want to use this message to reach as many people as possible and help them find more nodes."

Her post spread rapidly and has been shared over 160,000 times and commented on by nearly 24,000 people.

Detect breast cancer earlier with lemons
The organization “Worldwide Breast Cancer” recently also gave women important support for the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

She published a report that helps women recognize early symptoms of breast cancer earlier using yellow lemons.

An illustration with the citrus fruits clearly shows which changes in the breast can occur in the event of an illness. Because women are often not aware of what to look for when examining their breasts. (ad)

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