Healthy nutrition: plant flowers often taste particularly intense

Healthy nutrition: plant flowers often taste particularly intense

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Plenty of essential oils and flavors: plant flowers taste more intense
Basil, sage, thyme: there are numerous healthy herbs to flavor in almost every kitchen. Often only the leaves are used. But the flowers of many plants are also edible. Their taste is usually particularly intense.

Plant-rich nutrition is good for health
A plant-based diet not only helps you lose weight, but also promotes health. In addition to valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber, it is often contained phytochemicals that help to protect the body. Many herbs are also excellent for health. It says in an old saying: "An herb grows against every ailment." Of many plants, only the leaves are used, but their flowers can also often be consumed; they are usually particularly tasty.

Plants put their strength into the flowers
There is a lot of taste in many plant flowers, says organic gardener Christian Herb, who runs an organic garden in Kempten (Allgäu), which is part of the organic farming demonstration network.

"The plants put their full power in there," said Herb at the International Green Week in Berlin (until January 29), according to a message from the dpa news agency.

As a result, the flowers contain a particularly large number of essential oils and flavors compared to the rest of the plant.

Flowers usually taste more intense than leaves
According to Herb, basil flowers are even more intense than their leaves. And according to the expert, the flowers of many cresses and rhombuses taste "like the leaves, only more delicate".

The flower of the red pineapple sage, which has a slightly sweet note, also contains a lot of antioxidants. These protect our cells from free radicals.

Horned violet flowers taste pure or on a sandwich. They are also ideal as a decoration for salads. "The eye finally eats," said Herb according to dpa. Their taste is reminiscent of "a little bit of marzipan".

Grow yourself
In principle, as the message says, the flower of almost every plant is edible, provided it is non-toxic. Care should be taken with nightshade plants such as tomatoes and potatoes.

According to Herb, these two types of vegetables contain toxins, which is why nausea can develop after consumption.

With some plants there is a risk of confusion. In umbelliferous plants the edible chervil and the highly poisonous hemlock are almost indistinguishable. Even the organic gardener Herb sometimes has problems here, he admits.

Flowers, herbs or natural remedies can also be easily grown yourself. For example in your own garden or in the window box on the balcony.

If nature walkers want to pick and eat plants such as lavender or dandelions, they should first make sure that they are not polluted by a nearby road. (ad)

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