Nutrition Report 2017: Germans want to eat healthy again

Nutrition Report 2017: Germans want to eat healthy again

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On the 3rd, the Forsa opinion research institute, on behalf of the Federal Minister of Food, uses the Food Report to collect nutritional habits, wishes and trends in Germany.

When it comes to food, the Germans say it should taste good (99%) and be healthy (89%). Over half of the interviewees value quick and easy preparation (55%). The 19 to 29 year olds in particular have no time to lose (72%), while the fixed preparation is less important for the over 60 year old (47%).

Around two thirds of the respondents buy almost everything or the majority of the groceries in the supermarket (62%, 2015: 59%). Two out of five respondents (also) use the discounter (42%, 2015: 35%). The Germans visit the organic food shop a little less often (6%, 2015: 8%). Youngsters and over-60s are the most likely to buy here (10% each). More and more Germans are also using smartphones when shopping: they google in the store (27%), call up QR codes (16%) or use apps (17%).

More clarity about the shelf life of food
In the case of perishable goods, a usage or expiry date would generally make more sense than the sometimes confusing indication of a best-before date - at least that is what a good two thirds of Germans think (70%).

Better standards in animal husbandry and more transparency
The favorite dishes of the Germans are meat dishes. 53% of those surveyed named this first, followed by pasta and vegetable dishes. However, 87% want better standards in animal husbandry, 82% want more transparency about the conditions under which farm animals are kept. 88% of those surveyed would spend more money on food if it came from stalls with higher animal welfare standards.

Walk to shopping
Almost half of Germans walk to their favorite grocery store. You can find the nutrition report here.

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