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Unwanted father: Many women may have been fertilized with the wrong sperm

Unwanted father: Many women may have been fertilized with the wrong sperm

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26 women in fertility clinic may have been fertilized with wrong semen
In a fertility clinic in the Netherlands, several women may have been fertilized with false semen. A “procedural error” could therefore have resulted in some mothers carrying so-called “cuckoo children”.

Procedural error in fertility clinic
A few months ago, Belgian scientists found that there are clearly fewer cuckoo children than previously thought. In the Netherlands, however, there will probably be a few more. Because of a "procedural error" in a Dutch fertility clinic, egg cells may have been fertilized with sperm that did not come from the desired man.

Erroneously fertilized with the wrong man's ejaculate
Many couples turn to fertility clinics if they don't want to have children. Such a facility in the Netherlands may have caused a scandal.

According to a report by the AFP news agency, several women in the clinic may have been mistakenly fertilized with the wrong man's ejaculate.

The university clinic in Utrecht therefore stated that the sperm of this man in the in-vitro procedure could have been merged with the egg cells of 26 women who wanted to father a child with their own partner because of a “procedural error”.

Not from the intended father
One statement said: "There is a possibility that egg cells have been fertilized with sperm that is not from the intended father." According to the information, the couples concerned had been informed. An investigation should clarify as soon as possible.

Half of the women who may have been mistreated are said to have become pregnant, some of whom have already given birth.

If the suspicion were confirmed, the biological father of these children would not be the mother's partner, as desired by the couples, but another man.

Treatment for unfulfilled desire for children
IVF (In Vitro Fertilization - Latin for "fertilization in the glass") is an artificial fertilization that has been used since 1978 to treat the unfulfilled desire to have children.

Egg cells are removed from the mother, which are then fertilized with the father's sperm in the laboratory and placed back in the mother's ovaries. Since then, several million children have been born worldwide using test tube fertilization.

In Germany, the costs of artificial insemination are partly covered by the health insurance companies.

Confusion of sperm is rare
Confusion of sperm is rare, but it does happen. In 2012, for example, a case became known in Singapore in which a woman was mistakenly fertilized with sperm that was not from her husband.

A report about a doctor from the United States who fertilized at least 50 women with his own sperm was also sensational. The doctor said he wanted to help the women and could not always find enough sperm donors, which is why he resorted to his own ejaculate.

He had always concealed the true origin of the seed from women and claimed that it came from fellow doctors or medical students. The Washington Times reported that the now 77-year-old is said to be the biological father of at least eight children. (ad)

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