Avoid wasting food with Chocolate Santa Claus spread

Avoid wasting food with Chocolate Santa Claus spread

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Make chocolate Santa for a delicious spread
During the Christmas season, a large amount of food accumulated in many German households. In addition to the mostly numerous dishes, there are also homemade cookies and sweets, especially chocolate Santa Clauses. However, these can be used for other purposes.

Too many food
Large amounts of Christmas candy have often accumulated in the Advent season. On the festive days there were even more. Many German households now have a large number of chocolate Santa Clauses. Often too much to eat them all. But you don't need to throw them away; you can also use them differently to avoid wasting food.

Recipe for half a kilo of spread
Anyone who has received too many chocolate Santa Clauses in the run-up to Christmas and the festival does not necessarily have to eat them straight away. The sweet chocolate figures can also be easily turned into a delicious nut nougat cream for bread.

There is a recipe for this in the magazine "Effilee" (Winter 2016/2017 edition): For 500 grams of spread, you need 250 grams of chocolate Santa Clauses, 150 grams of hazelnuts, a tablespoon of sugar, 100 grams of butter, 40 milliliters of whole milk, half a vanilla bean and one Pinch of salt.

First, the nuts are roasted in the oven at 180 degrees for about a quarter of an hour and then the skin is rubbed off. Then they are finely ground in the blender.

The chocolate is then melted over a water bath and mixed with liquid butter, milk, vanilla and salt. Finally, the ground nuts are added. When the cream has cooled, it goes into a clean container, for example a screw-top jar.

Substances hazardous to health identified
However, you should pay attention to which brands you received as a gift. Because the consumer protection organization Foodwatch reported only a few weeks ago that it found mineral oils that were hazardous to health in chocolate Santa Clauses in a laboratory analysis.

Some of the substances found are suspected of being able to trigger cancer. Affected Santa Clauses should therefore probably not be processed into spreads. (ad)

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