Strengthen digestion more naturally

Strengthen digestion more naturally

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Good digestion is the basis of our health. The purpose of digestion is to break down carbohydrates, protein and fat into their components. In addition, our highly complex digestive system is able to make tens of thousands of other substances available to the organism. This requires a sensitive interplay between the stomach, intestines, liver, bile and pancreas. A healthy diet with a high fiber content is important for them to work.

Problems preprogrammed
A system as complicated as our digestive tract can quickly get out of hand. This can be caused by pathological changes in the organs or medication. However, the complaints are often due to improper nutrition. Some react to foods that are too high in fat, very sweet or spicy and have digestive problems, others hit the stomach with psychological stress. Stress can cause diarrhea or constipation. Then it is time for a targeted grip in the natural pharmacy.

When the stomach pinches and grumbles
For stomach pressure and bloated stomach, gastric and intestinal tea from the pharmacy (from H&S) helps. The active ingredients from yarrow, anise and fennel counteract a feeling of fullness and soothe bloating. For mild cramps, herb-spicy intestinal healing tea with fennel, anise and caraway helps, rounded off with marigolds and mallow flowers. Pure fennel tea or the classic fennel anise cumin are mildly effective and pleasant in taste.

Not only lice run through the liver
The liver, our most important detoxification organ, is often underestimated in terms of digestion. Nothing works without the liver when it comes to fat digestion, cholesterol levels or the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. If necessary, the digestive juices produced in the liver are fed into the intestine via the gallbladder.

Hawthorn, wormwood, dandelion - full of juice again
Stroke your liver. It is exposed to high loads every day. Bitter substances are the best way to support the liver. The important bitter substances are particularly concentrated in fresh plant press juices made from artichoke, horehound and dandelion (from Schoenenberger). A “cocktail” after eating, mixed with water or vegetable juice, can work wonders. Tea herbs that also contain these bitter substances are, for example, wormwood or dandelion (from H&S). These promote the flow of bile and so relieve bloating and a feeling of fullness. In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the ingredients, quality from the pharmacy is required.

Heartburn - herbs instead of acid blockers
Heartburn is a serious problem for sufferers and a clear sign that the stomach is overwhelmed. Food that is too rich, too fatty or alcohol is usually the reason why the sphincter muscle between the stomach and esophagus does not close completely. The result: gastric acid runs into the esophagus and causes a painful burning sensation. Doctors then quickly prescribe acid blockers, so-called proton pump inhibitors. They reduce the acid production in the stomach by up to 98%. In the long run, this leads to reduced calcium absorption and bacterial attack in the stomach. It is better to use herbal power for acute heartburn. Real chamomile, fennel, lemon balm and marshmallow leaves soothe the over-irritated stomach. Make yourself a strong tea infusion and drink it in slow sips.

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