Advice: Better never warm bee honey above 40 degrees

Advice: Better never warm bee honey above 40 degrees

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Delicious and healthy: honey should not be heated above 40 degrees
Every German consumes around a kilo of honey each year. The flower nectar is used to refine teas or desserts, for example. But it has also always been used as a home remedy for physical ailments. It is important not to overheat honey.

A tried and true home remedy for various ailments
Honey is popular with many Germans. On average, every German consumes about a kilo of it every year. It is used for baking and cooking or for sweetening teas. In addition, honey has long been used against health problems. Among other things, it relieves cough in children at night and is used by some people due to its antibacterial effect to treat small wounds. When healing with the home remedy honey, experts usually advise to use natural products.

Honey loses some ingredients when heated
However, the all-rounder is very sensitive to heat. Honey loses quality by heating over 40 degrees. "Some ingredients (such as various enzymes) are sensitive to heat and are lost when baking," explains the Bavarian Consumer Service on its website.

If it is appropriate, honey should therefore only be added to the respective dish after it has cooled.

Consistency says nothing about quality
The consistency of the honey, however, has nothing to do with the quality. Whether it is rather solid or liquid depends on the type of sugar it contains. “Rapeseed is firm due to its higher glucose content (glucose). Forest honey, on the other hand, contains more fructose (fructose), which makes the honey more fluid, ”said the experts.

Unfortunately, an increased pollutant load is always found in honey. According to studies by the "Öko-Test" magazine, glyphosate and genetic engineering are sometimes in the products. It also turned out that the question organic or conventional does not necessarily make the difference. (ad)

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