Scotland prohibits smoking in the car when there are children on board

Scotland prohibits smoking in the car when there are children on board

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Scotland bans smoking in the car when there are minors
In Scotland, smoking is no longer permitted in cars when minors are on board. The new law aims to protect children from health hazards caused by smoke. Such regulations have been around for a long time in other countries, but not yet in Germany.

Tobacco consumption also endangers the health of non-smokers
"Smoking causes considerable damage to you and the people around you." This is a saying on cigarette boxes, which in Germany points to the dangers of tobacco consumption and passive smoking. It has long been known that smoking not only endangers your own health, but also that of others, who also have to inhale the smoke. This is particularly bad when children are affected. Scotland now has a law that better protects minors.

Smoking is no longer permitted in the presence of children
A new law came into effect in Scotland on Monday prohibiting smoking in vehicles with minors on board. If you smoke in the car in the presence of children, you will have to pay a fine of £ 100. If violations end up in court, there is even a fine of up to £ 1,000.

The Scottish Parliament unanimously passed the tightening of the smoking ban last December. While the smoking lobby described it as “patronizing and unnecessary,” health associations advocated the new law.

Health Minister Aileen Campbell said in a BBC report: "It is simply not safe to smoke when a child is in the car. Hazardous chemicals can develop even on short trips, and 85 percent of secondhand smoke is invisible and odorless, so they can't always see what they're breathing in. ”

Britain leads the way
In England and Wales, the legal ban on smoking in the car when there are children has been in place since October 2015.

The UK is a bit further on the road to a smoke-free society than in other countries. In 2014, the British Medical Association (BMA) demanded a ban on smoking for one generation or more. Since July 2007 there has been a comprehensive ban on smoking in the workplace, in shops and public transport, but also in restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.

Will the smoking ban also come in Germany?
In countries such as Australia, Greece, Canada or the USA, certain smoking bans already apply to drivers. Other nations, such as France, Italy and Poland, are working on laws to ban or restrict smoking in vehicles.

It is questionable whether the smoking ban in the car will also come in Germany because of children. A press release from the German Medical Association states that lawmakers should follow Britain's example. "There is an urgent need to effectively protect children and young people traveling in cars from passive smoking," said Dr. Josef Mischo, chair of the “Addiction and Drugs” working group at the German Medical Association.

But even if health experts call for appropriate regulations, critics believe that these can hardly be controlled. The effectiveness of a ban is therefore questionable. Rather, parents should be called upon to protect their children. (ad)

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