Millions of Germans suffer from sleep disorders - what helps

Millions of Germans suffer from sleep disorders - what helps

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Almost five million people suffer from sleep disorders
Almost five million people in Germany suffer from sleep disorders. The consequences can be serious. Those affected not only have to deal with fatigue and difficulty concentrating during the day. This also jeopardizes health. But there are some simple tips to avoid sleep disorders.

Almost five million Germans suffer from sleep disorders
According to the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM), 4.8 million people in Germany suffer from sleep and sleep disorders that require treatment. Hans-Günter Weess, board member of the DGSM, speaks of a common disease. Before the annual meeting of his society in Dresden, he said according to a message from the news agency dpa: "We are actually a sleepless society."

Some sleep less than five hours a day
According to the information, 18 percent of the top business executives and a third of the top politicians slept less than five hours a day. "We tick wrong, little sleep is associated with hard work and efficiency," said the expert.

From December 1st to 3rd, around 2,000 experts will exchange views on the perspectives of this medical specialty at the 24th annual conference of the DGSM under the motto "Sleep medicine: cross-border and innovative".

The society calls for a different awareness of what they consider to be an underestimated human need for sleep.

Serious health problems
And rightly so. Because sleep disorders can not only result in tiredness and poor concentration, but also serious health problems.

According to health experts, sleep disorders increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, mental illnesses such as depression and the weakening of the immune system.

Furthermore, a scientific study by the University of Duisburg-Essen showed that sleep disorders can also increase the risk of stroke.

If you deal with unfinished business at night
Those affected should urgently do something about it. It makes sense to know what causes sleep disorders. For some people, the reason is that they still deal with tasks to be done in bed. Because unfinished business leads to sleep disorders at night.

Experts therefore advise you to make a specific plan before and after the evening or the weekend, and how and where the outstanding tasks should be carried out. This significantly reduces the uncertainty and dissatisfaction with the unfinished business.

Tips for a better sleep
There are more tips on how to sleep right through. A healthy lifestyle and the absence of late meals, coffee, nicotine, alcohol and intensive sports in the evening are conducive to a restful sleep.

It is also helpful to observe regular sleeping times and to reduce your weight in the event of being overweight. Sleeping pills or sedatives are usually not recommended, but various home remedies for sleep disorders are useful.

A calming tea made from passion flower or chamomile, for example, has proven its worth to relieve tension. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation can also be effective. (ad)

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