Healing power: Yellow turmeric is a healing spice

Healing power: Yellow turmeric is a healing spice

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Turmeric: accents in color and taste

(aid) - Turmeric is an important spice in Indian cuisine. Fresh tubers taste hot and slightly burning to earthy. The powder is a bit milder and is used for spice mixes such as curry or the yoghurt drink Lassi. Yogis love the "golden milk", for which a cup of milk with turmeric, grated ginger, a pinch of pepper and a little honey is heated.

Turmeric, as turmeric is also called, can be used to set new accents in many dishes. The aroma and the warming effect are due to the essential oils. Compared to ginger, turmeric is less intense in taste, but works well with other spices. The powder is mostly used even in India. It is best to wear gloves if you are processing the fresh bulb. Curcumin can also leave stubborn stains on clothing and in the kitchen.

The "yellow ginger" is also used in the traditional Indian healing art Ayurveda. With turmeric, heavy dishes become more digestible because the ingredients stimulate bile production and fat digestion. They also increase appetite and are said to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. A lot of research is currently being done in this area.

Turmeric belongs to the same botanical family as ginger and galangal and is grown in the tropical regions of India and large parts of Southeast Asia. The perennial with the scientific nameCurcuma longa has long, lanceolate leaves and yellow flowers. The storage organs with a yellow-brown bark are located underground. They look like roots, but are thickened shoots (rhizomes). Compared to ginger and galangal, they are longer, rounder and bright orange on the inside.

Turmeric powder is available in many supermarkets and spice stores, which is ideally kept well closed in a cool, dark place. Fresh produce is rarer to find and should have firm, smooth skin and a fresh break.Heike Kreutz, aid

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