Number of new cancer diagnoses in Germany almost doubled

Number of new cancer diagnoses in Germany almost doubled

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More and more Germans are getting cancer
According to a recent report, the number of new cancer cases in Germany has almost doubled since 1970. The main reason for this is the aging of society. Positive: After a cancer diagnosis, those affected live much longer today than they did ten years ago.

The number of new cancer cases has almost doubled since 1970
The World Cancer Report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned of an increase in cancer. By 2025, 20 million new cases could arise each year. There are also more and more cancers in Germany. The number of new cases in Germany has almost doubled since 1970.

Aging society
According to the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, around 482,500 people fell ill with cancer in 2013. The development is justified with the aging society. It is known that in many types of cancer, the risk of developing an illness increases with age. If this effect is factored out, the disease rates for some types of cancer have been falling for several years, reports the dpa news agency.

For example, the number of lung cancer cases in men is declining. This has to do with the fact that there are fewer and fewer smokers in Germany.

Patients diagnosed with cancer live longer today
According to the information, the "Report on Cancer Events in Germany" by the Center for Cancer Registry Data (ZfKD) at the RKI provides an overview of disease events, progress and future developments for the first time.

According to dpa, Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) sees progress in the fight against cancer based on the expert report. "Thanks to our good health care, people who have been diagnosed with cancer now live significantly longer than ten years ago," said the minister.

Four million Germans already had cancer
This is not only the case in Germany: life expectancy with cancer has increased across Europe. Nevertheless, a few months ago, doctors announced that around one in four people in the European Union dies of cancer.

In Germany, people who die of cancer live on average 74 years - four years older than in 1980, reports the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (SZ). There are currently around four million people in this country who have had cancer in their lifetime.

Improvements in lung cancer in men
According to the SZ, the cancer report has shown that the situation for prostate cancer and lung cancer in men has improved, but the lower smoking rates for women and adolescents are not yet reflected in the cancer statistics.

The Federal Statistical Office recently published new numbers, according to which lung cancer deaths among women have increased significantly.

More cases of pancreatic cancer
In contrast, the number of new cases of gastric and colon cancer is declining. In the long term, there is also a sharp decline in cervical cancer, according to SZ. The disease rates for pancreatic cancer and malignant liver tumors, on the other hand, are increasing.

In early breast cancer detection, the report sees a first indication “for a positive effect”: The rate of advanced tumors discovered in older women is therefore lower today than it was a few years ago. However, mammography is controversial, as it is known that the examination does not offer a guarantee.

Diseases can often be avoided
Around a third of all cancers worldwide are considered preventable. The risk of cancer can be significantly reduced. When it comes to cancer prevention measures, the fight against smoking is mentioned above all. Important to know: smokers get sick and not only die of lung cancer.

“Currently, more than 72,000 cancer cases are attributable to smoking in Germany every year. Tobacco consumption is not only a risk factor for lung cancer, tumors can also develop in the throat and larynx, esophagus, intestine or in the lower urinary tract, ”writes the ZfKD on its website. "The stomach, kidney or pancreas can also be affected," it says.

Another way to reduce personal cancer risk is to limit alcohol consumption. According to scientific evidence, alcohol can cause seven different types of cancer.

It is also recommended to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid being overweight. (ad)

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