Doctors warn: Do not wash children in the bathtub every day

Doctors warn: Do not wash children in the bathtub every day

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Children do not have to be bathed every day
Some parents send their children into the bath every day. But according to experts, it shouldn't be. Dermatologists point out that it is entirely sufficient for children between the ages of six and eleven to bathe two to three times a week.

How often babies should bathe
Most parents are aware that infants should not bathe immediately after birth. Only after a few weeks, when the body temperature of the little ones has stabilized, is it time for the first trip into the tub. Aftercare midwives or pediatricians often give the starting signal. Then the parents decide how often they want to bathe their offspring. According to experts, one bath per week is sufficient for babies. But how often should older children take a bath? Dermatologists have an answer.

Children don't have to take a bath every day
The professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) reports on its website "" about a press release from the Association of American Dermatologists (American Academy of Dermatology, AAD), in which tips are given on how often children are bathed and their hair should be shampooed. Children do not have to go into the bathtub every day.

"Depending on their age and activity, most children only need a bath a few times a week," said Professor Dr. Robert Sidbury of the University of Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis in an AAD statement.

"For children, a few germs are healthy here and there, because this is how your body learns to fight bacteria and build a strong immune system," said the expert.

Wash hair once or twice a week
A report on Medical Xpress lists some of Sidbury's recommendations:

For children between six and eleven years, two or three baths a week are enough. A hair wash is only necessary once or twice a week. Children of all ages with dry or frizzy hair only need to wash it once every seven to ten days with water and shampoo.

Under certain circumstances, the little ones have to go into the tub more often: children should bathe when they are dirty, after they have been in the sea or a lake, or when they sweat and develop body odor.

In the case of skin diseases, follow the instructions of the dermatologist
When children reach puberty, they should start showering daily. The hair then also needs treatment with shampoo every day or every other day.

"While these recommendations are suitable for most children, there are also individual differences," explained Sidbury. "If your child continues to have a body odor, hair or scalp that is greasy or dry despite following the recommendations, they should see a dermatologist."

The expert also pointed out that children with skin problems such as eczema when cleaning and caring for their sensitive skin should follow the guidelines of their specialist. (ad)

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