Unexpected pregnancy: Instead of kidney stones, the patient carried a baby in her stomach

Unexpected pregnancy: Instead of kidney stones, the patient carried a baby in her stomach

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Surprise in the hospital: womandoes not suffer from kidney stones - she has a baby
In the United States, a woman with severe abdominal pain went to a hospital. She and her partner assumed that kidney stones could be the cause of the pain. However, in the clinic it turned out that the symptoms were not caused by an illness,but through a baby that the woman carried in her belly.

Pregnancy instead of kidney stones
According to media reports, Stephanie Jaegers from the US state of Georgia suffered from severe stomach ache that she went to a hospital. Since she also had back pain and had pain and discomfort when urinating, she and her partner thoughtthe symptoms may come from kidney stones. But far from it: the 37-year-old was pregnant.

Belly was only slightly arched
As the Washington Post reports, when she arrived at the clinic, Ms. Jaegers was asked if she was pregnant. She said no. According to the report, the 37-year-old did not experience morning sickness,had no sensitive breasts and her stomach was even slightly arched. She also had her period.

The child was already on the way
But after an ultrasound scan and a blood and urine test, the doctors informed her that she had been pregnant for around 38 weeks. Not only that - the child was already on the way. infantShaun Jude Jaegers was born alive and well.

"What Stephanie and I thought were kidney stones turned out to be a beautiful little boy," Michael Jaegers reported in a Facebook post. "We are both still shocked by what has happened in the past few hours," said the father."I had a panic attack. We weren't just pregnant, but the baby would be there within an hour! ”

Nothing noticed for eight months
According to Michael Jaegers, they were often asked how they couldn't notice a pregnancy for eight months. “We always asked ourselves that when we had similar onesHeard stories! ”Said the father.

According to the information, some circumstances came together in this case: First, his wife was in a pre-menopausal stage, which is why she had hormonal fluctuations. In addition, the baby was lying on the breech, so the child's movements were not noticeable.And Stephanie continued to have her period.

Numerous births without warning
Scientific work has also shown that pregnancy can go unnoticed. The Washington Post refers to a German study that was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Accordingly, some of the women who gave birth to children in clinics in the Berlin city area in 1995 and 1996 did not know about their pregnancy for a long time; in some cases, they only found out when the baby was on the move. (ad)

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