Researcher: Fig paste has been proven to help with constipation

Researcher: Fig paste has been proven to help with constipation

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According to a recent study, natural fig paste works for constipation
The fig (Ficus carica) has traditionally been used as a natural remedy for various physical complaints, including constipation or constipation. In a randomized study, the digestive effects of the fig were examined for the first time.

78 predominantly female subjects with functional constipation took part in the study. They received 100 g of fig paste or an equivalent placebo preparation three times a day before meals for eight weeks.

The intestinal transit time was checked before and after the treatment phase by X-ray with orally administered contrast medium capsules. In addition, symptoms caused by constipation were queried using a questionnaire, including the frequency of bowel movements, the time and effort required to empty the bowels, the completeness of the bowel movements, the stool consistency, the amount of stool, abdominal discomfort and their relief.

After 8 weeks, the time of intestinal passage was significantly reduced compared to the initial value in both test groups, with the Feigen group performing significantly better than the placebo group. Fig paste changed stool consistency and abdominal discomfort more effectively than placebo paste. There were no differences in the other examination parameters. No side effects were reported. The study on the fig extract can be found here and further information here. (BDH)

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