Sick reports: Willingness to blue-ey also depends on the colleagues

Sick reports: Willingness to blue-ey also depends on the colleagues

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When colleagues are often absent, the willingness to report sickness increases
According to a current study, the willingness to report sick increases, even if colleagues are often absent from work. In teams in which the individual employees are heavily dependent on each other, colleagues like to jump in for others.

Absenteeism by colleagues affects willingness to report sick
Actually, the motto is: Whoever is sick stays at home. However, studies repeatedly show that many workers go to work sick. This may be due to the fact that her colleagues are also rarely absent from the job. Because according to a new study, working people tend to report sick, even if colleagues are often missing.

Should you stay put or go to work?
Only a few months ago, the highest number of sick leave in 20 years was reported. According to the researchers, the question of whether to turn blue because of this or that complaint also depends on colleagues. According to the team of scientists led by Lieke ten Brummelhuis from Simon Fraser University in Canada, employees are more likely to be on sick leave, even if other employees are often absent.

Team cohesion ensures less sick leave
The journal “Psychologie heute” (November / 2016 edition) reports on the study, which was published in the journal “Science Direct”.

The study also showed that employees who were heavily dependent on one another in teams and who understood each other well were happy to step in for one another. According to the authors, employers should better strengthen team cohesion if they want fewer sick employees. (ad)

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