Health Minister warns of high pressure from digitization

Health Minister warns of high pressure from digitization

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Holistic health management in the workplace: pressure through digitization
Stress is an everyday phenomenon that almost every adult knows today. Working life plays an important role in this. Digitization sometimes leads to even more pressure and the resulting health burden. It is best for employers to offer holistic health management.

Effects of digitization on health
Germany is in constant stress: According to surveys, every second German citizen is stressed. The increasing digitization of the world of work and constant availability at work are largely responsible for this. This was shown by a study entitled "Effects of the digitization of work on the health of employees", for which over 8,000 German employees had been interviewed. The Bavarian Minister of Health is now warning of too much pressure from digitization.

Increase in the pace of work
Bavaria's Minister of Health Melanie Huml is campaigning to counteract possible risks for employees through digitalization at an early stage. “Despite all the advantages, the new technical possibilities also have disadvantages. Examples are constant availability and increasing the pace of work. Therefore, companies should make sure that the pressure on employees does not become too great, ”warned the politician.

Sick days due to mental illness increased
The ministry also said: “The latest absenteeism report speaks for itself. Mental disorders are also increasingly considered to be the causes of lost work. It is alarming that sick days due to mental illness have increased by almost 72 percent since 2004. ”

Holistic health management
Huml added: “It is therefore an advantage for employers to offer holistic occupational health management. In addition to the physical, it also takes into account the emotional, emotional and social needs of the employees and perceives the employee as a whole personality. "

The Bavarian Ministry of Health provides funding as part of the Healthy.Life.Bavaria initiative. Model projects for health promotion and prevention in the workplace. (ad)

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