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Clear characteristics: women really like that on the male limb

Clear characteristics: women really like that on the male limb

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Study shows: women find that beautiful on the male limb
Men wonder what makes a beautiful penis. Is it the length, the thickness or the general nature? Is it the pubic hair or the shaved that makes women's hearts beat faster? Science has now also investigated this question. The researchers wanted to know what women find aesthetically in the male limb and which properties tend to deter them. It was not just about the subjective feelings of the individual women, the study was also of a medical nature.

What is the most important characteristic for the beauty of a limb
"What makes a beautiful penis? Which subjective characteristics are important here? ”Science is also concerned with this topic. Because from a researcher's point of view, sexual preferences and relationships are important in order to explore the human being as a whole. The study team at the University Children's Hospital in Zurich asked 105 women whether it was the length, the circumference, the glans or the testicle that determined the “beauty”. The researchers published the results in the journal "Journal of Sexual Medicine". In the technical article, the study director was surprised by the result.

Length or girth is not the only decisive factor
According to the results, the decisive factor was not the characteristics "length or handling", but the overall impression. In addition, the pubic hair and the skin or skin color on the genitals were decided. Features such as circumference were only mentioned in third place and length in sixth place. The slit at the end of the penis was completely unimportant to the women. The condition of the urethral opening made no impression on the women.

However, the doctors did not undertake the study for “jokes”, but actually for medical reasons. The doctors wanted to know what effect an operated penis has on women. Among other things, boys who suffer from hypospadias (hypospadia penis) are operated on in the clinic. This disease is a developmental disorder of the urethra, which is often corrected at a young age. The mouth of the urethra is located differently than is usually the case. In the survey study, the doctors wanted to know whether the women made big differences between an operated and a non-operated penis.

For this purpose, pictures were presented to the women. The subjects did not previously know that they saw operated and untreated penises. According to the study report, the participants could hardly tell the difference. Few saw differences here.

The length is not important
Women of three ages (16-20, 25-30 and 40-45) participated in the study. The more active and older the participants were, the more relaxed and open they were about hypospadias. In all age groups, the women agreed: "The length is not important". (sb)

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