Just a day before her wedding: 25-year-old woman died from cancer of the brain

Just a day before her wedding: 25-year-old woman died from cancer of the brain

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Young woman dies of brain tumor one day before her wedding
A young British woman died just one day before her wedding day. Anna Swabey was 25 years old. The young woman had known about her brain tumor for a long time and told the public about her illness on a blog. But not because she wanted pity: she collected tens of thousands of euros for tumor research.

Brain tumors can affect anyone
Brain tumors can affect anyone, "because there are no risk factors that favor the tumor," says a message from the University Hospital Freiburg. According to the experts, in Germany alone more than 8,000 people develop a primary brain tumor every year. However, thanks to modern treatment methods, doctors can often help today. But not all patients. Not even a young British woman. She died of a brain tumor at the age of 25 - one day before her wedding day.

Fight cancer with all your strength
Possible signs of a brain tumor include severe headache, nausea, speech and vision disorders, but also epileptic seizures. With the diagnosis, the physical symptoms often also include fears of those affected.

Not so with Anna Swabey, who received the devastating diagnosis in February 2015 that a malignant tumor is spreading in her head. The doctors predicted that she would only have a maximum of three years to live. But despite the serious illness, she continued to make plans for the future and did not give up hope. She wanted to fight cancer with all her might.

The young patient intended to marry her boyfriend Andy Bell, whom she had met through a dating app. But the day that Anna Swabey had been looking forward to for months did not live to see her. She passed away last Friday - just a day before the wedding date.

Donated tens of thousands of euros in donations
After her diagnosis, Swabey had started a blog on which she let people share her fate and collected donations for tumor research. Under the title "Inside my head", the young woman described how she dealt with the brain tumor, which she called "Trev".

According to media reports, more than 80,000 euros in donations have been raised to date. In a British Independent article, Wendy Fulcher of Brain Tumor Research said Miss Swabey "has never shied away from reality" and "selflessly gave her time" to raise awareness of brain tumors.

Cruelest of all cancers
Shortly after being diagnosed with a grade three anaplastic astrocytoma, Swabey wrote fiercely: "I will grow old, I will marry and I will have children". However, the disease prevented this.

"Another young person has succumbed to a brain tumor, this debilitating and cruelest of all cancers, which kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other," says Fulcher. The family publicly says goodbye to Anna on the Facebook page "braintumourblog". It says: "We are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed during her illness." (Ad)

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