Classic autumn vegetables: bitter endives with lots of healthy nutrients

Classic autumn vegetables: bitter endives with lots of healthy nutrients

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Healthy, tasty and bitter: endives are full of nutrients
The endive has peak season in autumn. The delicious leaves are low in calories and rich in nutrients. The autumn vegetables can also be made less bitter by the appropriate preparation, but it is precisely the bitter substances that have a digestive and appetizing effect.

Salad is mostly water
Salad is 90-95 percent water, but most varieties are tasty and healthy. One variety is endive: You can now buy it all year round, but it is primarily known as a classic autumn vegetable. Endives taste piquant and pleasantly bitterly bitter due to the ingredient Intybin. The bitter content can be reduced by the appropriate preparation, but the bitter substances also have a digestive effect and stimulate the appetite, reports the consumer information service aid.

Bitter substance stimulates the appetite
Among other things, the vegetable contains the bitter substance inulin, which stimulates both bile and the bladder. The bitter substance Intybin in turn has an appetizing effect. According to the experts, endive is therefore often served as an appetizer.

Endives only contain ten kilocalories per 100 grams and are therefore very low in calories. However, they are rich in healthy phytochemicals, among other things they contain many flavonoids, which are supposed to fight free radicals in the body. Endive also scores in comparison to other salads with its content of potassium, phosphate, calcium, sodium and ß-carotene.

Endive not only in the salad
If you don't like it bitter, the best thing is to put the leaves briefly in lukewarm water or add a pinch of sugar to the dressing. Endive is often eaten in a salad. But there are many more ways to conjure up tasty dishes from the delicious leafy vegetables. For example, endive can be prepared like spinach and then goes well with meat, fish or seafood. The leaves also taste great in soup, stew or risotto. Recipes for endive dishes, such as a delicious endive soup, can be found on the Internet. (ad)

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