Teacher lets students run in high heat: physical education ends in the clinic

Teacher lets students run in high heat: physical education ends in the clinic

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Beginning dehydration: children need treatment after school sports
In Lower Saxony, a sports instructor sent sixth-grade students for running training in high summer temperatures. It didn't take long for several children to experience health problems. The alarmed ambulance service had to treat some students and a girl ended up in the hospital.

Teacher sends pupils to sport despite the heat
Germany has been hit by a heat wave for days. It may not be warm enough for some people, but the high temperatures can be dangerous for certain groups of people. Health experts repeatedly warn that senior citizens and children should avoid longer physical exertion in the heat. A teacher in Lower Saxony apparently did not really take this advice to heart. He sent his students outside for sports.

Attacks of dizziness and considerable discomfort
A sports teacher from a high school in Nienburg (Lower Saxony) sent his sixth class to the stadium for running training in the morning, despite the high summer temperatures. Soon six children complained of dizziness and significant discomfort.

The teacher then dropped out of class and returned to school with the class, where the symptoms increased. The emergency services, alerted by the school administration, arrived with five ambulances and two emergency doctors, the police said.

Girl had to go to the hospital
After a short treatment period, five of the six children could be placed in the care of their parents. An 11-year-old girl was taken to a hospital for further observation, police said. The children in the 6th grade had apparently drunk far too little and, at least in part, had not even had breakfast.

According to initial findings, the diagnosis was that dehydration was starting and the blood pressure was increased due to a lack of fluids in connection with exercise.

How to protect yourself in the heat
Health experts repeatedly point out how to protect yourself from health problems in high heat. The most important thing is to always drink enough. Failure to do so can quickly lead to signs of internal dehydration such as headache and dizziness.

In addition, heavy physical stress should be avoided. Airy clothes and light meals also help to cope better with the high temperatures. (ad)

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