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Parents' nightmare: Doctor fertilized 50 women with their own sperm

Parents' nightmare: Doctor fertilized 50 women with their own sperm

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Doctor used her own sperm to fertilize around 50 women
According to reports, a doctor in the United States used his own sperm to artificially fertilize women. The now retired doctor had used at least 50 cases of his own sperm without telling the women about it. It is believed that many more mothers are affected.

What to do if you don't want to have children?
Women who do not get pregnant despite having unprotected intercourse often try different methods to still have a child. Some try sex after timing, others think stretching their legs in the air after sex can help. And some people trust in a sperm donation, but usually it remains unknown who it came from.

Doctor used their own semen to fertilize around 50 women
In the United States, however, several women have now found out who gave the sperm that was used for their fertilization. And that from the doctor himself, who wanted to make women want to have children in his clinic.

According to media reports, the now 77-year-old medical doctor from the US state of Indiana artificially fertilized around 50 women in his time as a gynecologist. The Washington Times reports that the retired doctor is said to be the biological father of at least eight children. The youngest of the children thus conceived is therefore around 30 years old.

True origin of the sperm hidden
The scandal came to light after a woman's DNA test revealed that she had several unknown siblings, according to a CNN report. In search of her biological father, she came across Dr. Donald Cline. The latter initially denied the allegations, but the evidence and testimony spoke against him. He admitted his wrongdoing.

According to him, he wanted to help the women and could not always find enough sperm donors, which is why he used his own sperm. The doctor had always concealed the true origin of the seed from the women and claimed that it came from doctor colleagues or medical students.

"It was unethical what he did. He said one thing to his patients, but did something else, ”said a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, reports“ CNN ”. "This happens very rarely," said Eleanor Nicoll of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. But it should actually be possible to rule it out entirely. (ad)

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