Two-tier care? A seriously ill health insurance patient should wait three years for a diagnostic medical appointment

Two-tier care? A seriously ill health insurance patient should wait three years for a diagnostic medical appointment

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A health insurance patient should wait three years for an ultrasound examination by a specialist
While private patients hardly have to wait more than a few days for specialist appointments, health insurance patients are often left behind. Not infrequently, they have to wait weeks or even months for a doctor's appointment. It is now completely out of hand in some regions of Germany. A 64-year-old pensioner from Meißen should wait 3 years for an ultrasound appointment. And this despite the fact that Sigmar Hausmann has massive health problems.

Out of desperation to the media
"That can't be true," thought Sigmar Hausmann when he learned that he should only get an appointment for an ultrasound in three years. At first, the Sächsische Zeitung had drawn attention to the unusual case. Because the person concerned had turned to the media in deep despair to make them aware of this impossibility. Because Hausmann had previously been rejected by several specialists. And that despite the fact that he suffers from massive health problems.

The pensioner has been suffering from high blood pressure and type II diabetes for two years. Despite medication, the blood pressure could not be reduced sustainably. That is why his family doctor referred him to a specialist to perform an ultrasound of the neck and leg vessels. However, the patient was unable to make a timely appointment. No specialist saw himself able to produce an ultrasound. Despite an intensive search, Hausmann flashed again and again.

But finally, and after weeks of searching, he was able to find a specialist who, surprisingly, practiced around the corner and had the necessary knowledge. The investigation is scheduled for November 11. "At first I thought it was great - there are only two months left," said Hausmann in the Sächsische Zeitung. When he saw the year on the slip of paper, he initially believed that he had been mistaken. It said “2019”. "That can not be". But it was not an accident. In fact, the patient should only then be given an appointment.

Gerda Freiental is outraged by consumer protection. “As a private patient, Mr. Hausmann would have had an appointment within a week, if not within a day or two. It is degenerating more and more into two-class medicine, ”criticizes the expert. "I can't have to wait three years for such an important appointment," complains Hausmann. "By then I may be dead." That's exactly what he said to the doctor as a counter argument. But then she simply said: "Then that's just the way it is".

Freiental advises you to contact your health insurance provider instead. Some health insurance companies have switched to calling the surgeries themselves to help the insured. This is often successful because the doctors shy away from the trouble with the health insurance companies. "Or you go to a clinic to have the outpatient examination done there." The victim then did the same. The Uniklinik Dresden has tried to make an appointment quickly. And lo and behold, the ultrasound examination should already take place in the coming week. The press has certainly done the rest. (sb)

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