UK study: Vitamin D supplements significantly reduce asthma attack risks

UK study: Vitamin D supplements significantly reduce asthma attack risks

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Study: Asthma attacks significantly reduced by vitamin D
Asthma is a chronic condition that affects many people around the world. The disease can lead to severe asthma attacks in those affected. Researchers have now found that taking vitamin D supplements can cut the risk of severe asthma attacks in half.

The researchers at the Queen Mary University of London found that taking vitamin D pills drastically reduced the risk of serious asthma attacks. This finding could make life much easier for many people around the world. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Cochrane library".

Vitamin D reduces the number of asthma attacks
The UK experts found that people with mild and moderate asthma can benefit greatly from taking vitamin D supplements. Experts say that taking vitamin D can reduce the number of asthma attacks. There have been other studies on the effects of vitamin D. These had shown that vitamin D can also slow down the development of cancer.

Severe seizures can be halved by vitamin D
Doctors are always looking for new treatment options for bronchial asthma. Vitamin D supplements might help. The risk of serious seizures fell from six percent to three percent. For this, the test subjects took vitamin D over a period of six months to one year, the doctors explain. Taking the supplements also reduces the frequency of seizures by patients who need steroid treatments. If people usually need such treatment every two years, taking the vitamin D pills leads to a significant reduction. In such cases, steroid treatment is only necessary every four years, the authors explain.

Many severe asthma attacks end up in the emergency room
Half of all asthma patients have asthma attacks at some point, which must be treated with oral steroid periods such as prednisolone. For a quarter of those affected, these seizures end up in a hospital emergency room, the scientists say. One in eight seizures is so severe that patients have to stay in hospital for further care. Asthma affects more than five million people in the UK and 334 million people around the world. The disease causes shortness of breath, cough and chest tightness.

Asthma leads to several deaths every day
There are some apparent positive results from our study, explains Professor Adrian Martineau from Queen Mary University of London. These could now help sufferers to avoid asthma attacks. In the UK alone, asthma attacks cause 185 hospitalizations and three deaths every day. So asthma is a serious and widespread problem in today's society.

Researchers analyze the data from over 1,000 subjects
For their investigation, the researchers analyzed the data from seven published studies. These had previously examined over 435 children and 658 adults. Most of the patients had mild to moderate asthma. Affected people experienced the symptoms of the disease at least two days a week. However, the daily routine of these people was not seriously affected.

Further research on children is needed
Doctors found that taking 25 to 50 micrograms of vitamin D daily reduced the risk of serious seizures. However, these results were largely only found in adults and further special studies in children are required, the experts say. In addition, the effects on adults with severe asthma need to be better studied, explains Professor Martineau.

Public Heatlh England advises people to take vitamin D.
Already in July, Public Heatlh England recommended that every person over the age of one should take ten micrograms of a vitamin D supplement, the scientists explain. We need more vitamin D, especially in autumn and winter. There is less sunlight during this time. Our body produces vitamin D when it absorbs sunlight through the skin. For this reason, the dark season can lead to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D increases the immune system and reduces inflammation
It is not exactly clear how vitamin D helps patients. Increasing the immune system could reduce respiratory infections. These are among the most important triggers for severe asthma attacks, the experts from Great Britain explain. The vitamin also appears to reduce inflammation. So vitamin D can increase immunity to infections and additionally dampen inflammation, explains Professor Martineau.

The drug helps people with severe asthma attacks
Other study results recently showed that a drug could help patients with the most severe asthma attacks. This veritable miracle cure helps against severe asthma diseases. Two studies with more than 2,500 people have shown that the injection of benralizumab reduces asthma attacks by up to 50 percent. (as)

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