Neurodermatitis: It is best to restrict milk products more clearly

Neurodermatitis: It is best to restrict milk products more clearly

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Chinese herbs discharge "cloudy heat"
In chronic skin disease neurodermatitis, acute flare-ups usually alternate with chronic illnesses. In the acute stage the skin is swollen, red and dry-scaly or it is wet.

In any case, the skin is very itchy and those affected often scratch their skin with blood. Neurodermatitis is one of the atopic diseases, ie "diseases without a fixed location", and they can be reflected in different forms. They also include hay fever, asthma or food intolerances, from which many neurodermatitis sufferers also suffer or have suffered in an earlier stage of life. With the concepts of Chinese medicine, these diffuse, atopic diseases can be treated well. Through holistic treatment, 80 percent of patients experience a significant improvement in their symptoms.

In Chinese medicine, the focus is not primarily on the affected organ, but on the misguided process that leads to the disease, ”explains Dr. Christian Schmincke, chief physician at the Clinic at Steigerwald, why the theories of Chinese medicine so often lead to success in practice. The pathological processes are first revealed through a physical examination and extensive discussions. A comprehensive pulse and tongue diagnosis completes the disease determination for the time being. "We often see that many atopic dermatitis patients show an increased susceptibility to infections with frequent, recurring and worsening colds from an early age."

From a Chinese perspective, neurodermatitis is usually an attempt to detoxify the body. In the case of unproductive inflammation of the respiratory organs, allergic or infection-related, there are copious amounts of inflammatory products, the so-called "cloudy heat", which are released into the blood and lymph. The body then transports them from the blood to the skin. In contrast to the mucous membranes, however, the options for excretion are very limited. There is a build-up of metabolic end products that lead to inflammation. The body's intention to excrete toxins is also evident from the fact that the itching subsides briefly as soon as blood and lymph are excreted by scratching.

The main pillar of Chinese medicine is Chinese medicine therapy. Individually prescribed decoctions from Chinese herbs permanently lead to the elimination of causes and symptom relief. In the treatment of neurodermatitis, the focus is often on the administration of herbs, barks and tubers, which counteract the "cloudy heat" and thus discharge inflammation products from the body. In addition to Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture and sometimes moxibustion, i.e. the heat treatments of acupuncture points, are also used. In addition, patients should avoid certain foods. This enables the “cloudy heat” in the blood to be contained. Many people with atopic dermatitis experience relief from their symptoms by avoiding alcohol and white sugar. Eliminating dairy products usually also leads to a significant relief from the symptoms. (pm)

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