New IBM computer system Watson better than medical professionals in the diagnosis of leukemia

New IBM computer system Watson better than medical professionals in the diagnosis of leukemia

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Leukemia: Artificial intelligence from IBM recognizes rare blood cancer
Since the symptoms of leukemia are mostly non-specific, the disease is often only diagnosed by chance. According to media reports, the IBM computer system Watson has now diagnosed a form of blood cancer in a woman that doctors had not previously recognized.

Leukemia is often discovered by accident
In Germany alone, around 11,500 people develop leukemia every year. Worldwide there are said to be over 900,000. Men are more likely to develop blood cancer than women. The causes of the disease have not yet been clarified. Because the symptoms are so non-specific, a random diagnosis, according to health experts, is the rule rather than the exception. Technological advances could change that.

Artificial intelligence saves a woman's life
According to a report by the Indian television network "New Delhi Television Limited" (NDTV), IBM's computer system Watson diagnosed a patient with a form of cancer that was not previously recognized by doctors. According to a Futurism article, artificial intelligence saved a woman's life by diagnosing a woman.

Incorrect diagnosis for other blood cancer forms
According to the information, doctors from the Medical Institute of the University of Tokyo in Japan for the first time with the help of IBM's artificial intelligence discovered a rare form of blood cancer in a 60-year-old patient, who previously misdiagnosed another blood cancer using conventional methods (acute myeloid leukemia ) had been asked.

Computer system took ten minutes to diagnose
The medics were said to have consulted Watson for the diagnosis. The computer system concluded that the patient had a rare form of leukemia after comparing the woman's genetic information with the genetic data from 20 million clinical cancer studies. Artificial intelligence only took ten minutes to do this. The treatment, which was then adjusted, worked; the patient had previously been treated without success.

The potential to "change the world"
Professor Satoru Miyano from the University of Tokyo said the result is evidence that artificial intelligence has the potential to "change the world" in the coming years. And Seiji Yamada from the National Institute of Computer Science and chairman of the Japanese Artificial Intelligence Society added that this was the first case in the country where artificial intelligence saved someone's life.

Faster and cheaper diagnoses
Watson is an artificial intelligence developed by IBM. The system is able to analyze and compare huge amounts of data. Watson became known to the general public when it beat the world's best players on the Jeopardy quiz show. The system is now used by banks and the financial sector, among others. In the medical field, thanks to Watson, experts are hoping for more precise, faster and less expensive diagnoses and fewer incorrect treatments. (ad)

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