Two new carcinogenic substances found in the vapor of e-cigarettes

Two new carcinogenic substances found in the vapor of e-cigarettes

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Study discovers new health risks from e-cigarette vapor
More and more people in Germany use e-cigarettes to either stop smoking or because they think they have found a more harmless alternative to normal cigarettes. A new investigation has now shown that the vapor from electronic cigarettes contains two previously undiscovered carcinogenic chemicals.

Scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have now discovered that the vapor from e-cigarettes contains harmful chemicals. Two of the Sun dance found are classified as likely to be carcinogenic. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Environmental Science and Technology".

Researchers find propylene glycol and glycerin in the vapor of e-cigarettes
There are always discussions about the effects of e-cigarettes on our health. A new study examined the chemicals in the vapor of e-cigarettes. The scientists found that propylene glycol contained in the steam is irritating to our eyes and respiratory tract. Contained glycerin can irritate our skin, the eyes and the respiratory tract. However, it is much worse that these two chemicals are considered carcinogenic, the scientists explain.

Evaporation produces acrolein and formaldehyde
The researchers also explain that when the e-cigarette vaporizes the liquids, other toxic chemicals are generated, such as acrolein and formaldehyde. So far, supporters of e-cigarettes have said that emissions are much lower than conventional cigarettes. Some British scientists see e-cigarettes as a real alternative for smokers. This could even apply to long-time smokers who can't quit smoking, says lead author Hugo Destaillats of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. However, this does not make the vapor of e-cigarettes healthy. Regular cigarette smoking is very unhealthy, e-cigarettes are just unhealthy, Destaillats adds.

The hotter the evaporator, the more harmful chemicals are released
The scientists examined the vapor of three different types of liquids for e-cigarettes. To do this, they used two different vaporizers with different battery settings. The higher the temperature inside the evaporator, the more chemicals were released, the experts say. These chemicals released by evaporation can harm our health. Previous research had shown that vaporizing can also lead to cardiovascular damage.

Different amounts of chemicals released
It also made a difference when the steam was inhaled. If the device is still warming, only small amounts of chemicals are released, the researchers explain. If the device runs with constant heat in the normal state, the values ​​of released chemicals increase, the scientists continue.

Vapor from some e-cigarettes contains diethylene glycol
Previous studies have shown that e-cigarettes produce toxic chemicals. For example, in 2009 the FDA warned that the vapor from some e-cigarettes may contain diethylene glycol. This chemical is also used in antifreeze. Nevertheless, more and more people use e-cigarettes. Almost 13 percent of American adults and even more than 21 percent of young adults ages 18 to 24 already used e-cigarettes in 2014, the authors say. In the case of students, the number of users of e-cigarettes even tripled within a year.

The use of e-cigarettes has become a trend among young people not only in America. E-cigarettes are also very popular with German adolescents. However, e-cigarettes can no longer be sold to young people in Germany. (as)

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