Psychiatry: How did a killing spree happen in Munich?

Psychiatry: How did a killing spree happen in Munich?

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At least nine people killed in a killing spree in Munich - how does this happen?
At least nine people were killed in an attack in and in front of a shopping center in Munich, and numerous people were injured. The police assume that the perpetrator was an 18-year-old man who subsequently shot himself. The background to the fact has not yet been clarified. Maybe it was a killing spree. How can it come to that?

At least 16 people murdered
The whole world is currently looking at Munich. There was a shootout in the Bavarian capital early Friday evening and in the Olympia shopping center (OEZ). The alleged perpetrator - the police are currently assuming an 18-year-old single offender - shot with a pistol and killed nine people, at least 16 people were injured. A few hours later, the police found a dead man, who was probably the shooter. "As part of the search, we found a person who killed himself," the Munich police wrote on "twitter". "It is highly probable. the perpetrator who, according to the current state of investigation, acted alone. "

The perpetrator apparently kills himself
Although the number of perpetrators and the number of victims was long unclear, the police are now assuming that an 18-year-old German-Iranian fired the fatal shots from Munich. According to the police, he was very likely to have acted alone. According to Munich police chief Hubertus Andrä, the perpetrator had started shooting in a fast-food restaurant, then fired shots at the shopping center and took flight. The young man's body was found about a kilometer from the mall. He is said to have lived in Munich for more than two years, was not conspicuous about the police and shot with a pistol.

Was it a killing spree?
At first there was talk of an "acute terror situation", but it is now not to be assumed that there have been other perpetrators. The police expanded their investigations and, among other things, ransacked the alleged perpetrator's apartment. But the background of the deed and the motive are still completely unclear. Was it a rampage like in 2009 in Winnenden in Swabia, when 16 people lost their lives in a massacre? There are some arguments for it. How can such terrible acts happen?

Violent video games alone are not an explanation
If bad events such as the killing spree in Winnenden occur, the perpetrator's social life is examined by the police and the media. This is intended to provide answers that cannot be explained by a child or adolescent through details of previous social life. In the case of Winnenden, 17-year-old Tim K. had a preference for so-called first-person shooters, which are about eliminating the opponent in the game. Critics of PC games think that such excesses of violence are triggered by the consumption of computer games, but social researchers counter that the rate of outbreaks of violence would have to be much higher in comparison to the millions of times consumed if PC games would actually lead to such a behavior pattern . However, favorable factors that lead to such behavior are not excluded. The video games are certainly not the only answer to the terrible deeds.

Possible causes of a killing spree
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines amok as an “arbitrary, apparently unprovoked episode of murderous or significant (alien) destructive behavior”. This act of violence must endanger several people, that is, injure or even kill them, if there is talk of amok, it says on the website "". Like Prof. Dr. med. Volker Faust explains there that psychosocial causes come first. They are called "disadvantages, humiliations, insults and insults, whereby the person concerned decides for himself whether appropriate or unjust, real or imagined, but mostly in his disgruntled to ultimately bitter or even desperate sense". Mental illnesses can also play a role: “The fact that an amok runner cannot be mentally healthy is entirely a matter of fact. But whether it is a mental disorder that can be specifically described in psychiatric illness, such as schizophrenia, depression, neurosis or personality disorder, etc. - that is still largely unclear. ”Although biological causes are also being discussed, there is still a great need for clarification and therefore research.

Prevention of such acts of violence
For several years now, the research group "TARGET" has been comparing cases of highly expressive targeted violence with individual offenders in Germany. The interdisciplinary project with a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, sociologists and educators takes a close look not only at killing spree but also all serious, targeted homicides of young people up to 25 years as well as selected cases of older offenders. In addition, the analyzed cases are compared with similar acts and planned but prevented acts are also examined. "On the basis of the results of the TARGET project, scientific progress should be achieved in terms of predicting, preventing and intervening in such violent acts," write the experts. (ad)

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