Diets: Vegan is already overtaking vegetarian

Diets: Vegan is already overtaking vegetarian

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Vegan diet: Germany is a pioneer in Europe
Vegans do not use products of animal origin and only eat plant-based foods. The demand for vegan products is increasing all over Europe, but in no other country is this development as pronounced as in Germany. In 2015, most of the vegan foods and beverages were newly launched on the German market within the EU. The market research company Mintel reports that the share was 36 percent. This was followed by the United Kingdom (21%), France (7%) and Italy (4%).

Veganism is spreading in the trade and also in the catering trade. In 2015, every tenth food or drink newly introduced in Germany was "vegan" (EU: 5%), while only six percent was labeled "vegetarian" (EU: 9%). In 2013, the proportion was still three percent. Berlin is a pioneer in gastronomy with more than 30 vegan restaurants and a variety of vegan cafés.

There are many innovations in meat replacement in particular - the palette ranges from vegan liver sausage and smoked bacon to fake game. In 2015, "vegan" products accounted for more than half of the total imports of meat substitutes. This is a significant increase compared to 2011 with 8 percent. These products are often of organic quality.

Meat substitutes often contain additives and preservatives for stabilization and better taste. However, manufacturers are changing their recipes to make the products more natural. More and more vegan meat substitute products appear with hints such as "without additives" or "without preservatives". In 2015, 18 percent of all imports of vegan meat substitutes in Germany carried such labels. (Heike Kreuz, aid)

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