Marinate the boar meat properly

Marinate the boar meat properly

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So that the smell goes away: Marinate the meat from the boar
Boar meat is not very popular in this country because the meat can smell unpleasant. The boar odor can be masked by smoking or seasoning. So why not take advantage of the "masking effect" of sage and the like to marinate boar meat that is noticeable to odors? In fact, tests by food technologists and ecotrophologists at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences show that the boar odor can be almost completely masked by marinating. At the university, marinade recipes were tested specifically for boar meat. Previous investigations - financed by the federal program of organic farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture (BÖLN) - had confirmed the masking effect of selected spices and smoke flavors.

How marinating affects the sensory quality of boar meat was determined using marinated and grilled steaks as part of sensory studies. Oil, water or yoghurt served as the basis for the marinades. Since the substances responsible for the unpleasant smell androstenone are fat-soluble and Skatol is soluble in both fat and water, the scientists tested two water-based marinades and two oil-based ones. The choice of spice combinations was based on the taste preferences of consumers: Mediterranean, oriental or hearty.

The result: the Mediterranean and hearty marinade have the desired effect. "Even above-average levels of skatole and androstenone were perceived by the trained panel of examiners after two weeks of storage to be significantly less noticeable," emphasizes Sandra Warmuth from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. It has also proven particularly useful to combine the spices with smoke flavors.

The use of rose hips also proved to be a success. Because boar fat is characterized by a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids and it takes on a rancid taste even after a short storage period. Rose hips contain plenty of vitamin C, which due to its antioxidant effect can prevent boar fat from quickly becoming rancid.

In contrast, experiments with lactic acid bacteria were less clear. It remained unclear whether these contributed to the breakdown of androstenone and skatole: when testing a yoghurt-containing marinade, the boar odor was retained. If the lactic acid bacteria were added in the form of sauerkraut, the boar blemish disappeared.
From the scientists' point of view, the test results can also be very interesting for processing practice: apart from smoke flavors, almost all the ingredients and spices required are standard ingredients in a butcher's shop. The preparation of marinades requires little effort and marinated pork steaks are very popular with customers, especially during the drill season.

And provided the legislator permits the placing on the market of boar meat with a bad odor, the sale of boar products offers a good chance, especially for organic butchers, to convey the animal welfare concept. After all, in the eyes of many organic meat customers, keeping them in an appropriate manner also means that the animals remain physically intact. Nina Weiler, aid

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