Investigated: Vaping with e-cigarettes can lead to cardiovascular damage

Investigated: Vaping with e-cigarettes can lead to cardiovascular damage

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Study: Vaporizers affect our blood vessels
There have been discussions for a long time about how strongly chemicals in so-called e-cigarettes damage our health. Many people use e-cigarettes to stop smoking or to reduce cigarette consumption. Researchers have now found that the use of e-cigarettes (vaporizers) can lead to cardiovascular damage.

Many people around the world have started using e-cigarettes in recent years. Through the use of these products, many hoped that they would smoke less cigarettes or even quit smoking altogether. However, there have often been contradicting statements about the effects of e-cigarettes on our health. Scientists from Sapienza University in Rome have now discovered in an investigation that the vapor from e-cigarettes (vaporizers) can cause cardiovascular damage. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Chest".

Study examines impact on our blood vessels
The new study examined the effects of smoking and vaping (with the same nicotine content) on our blood vessels. The results of the negative effects were similar to smoking. "However, the damage caused by smoking was somewhat greater," the scientists explain.

Researchers are studying oxidative stress and vitamin E levels
The researchers examined a number of different markers, such as oxidative stress and vitamin E levels. The experts also analyzed the ability of the blood vessels to expand in order to then transport more blood. Forty healthy men and women were the subjects of the new study, including 20 smokers and 20 non-smokers, say the doctors.

Negative effects are weaker than with normal cigarettes
"Cigarettes and e-cigarettes showed adverse effects on markers of oxidative stress and the ability to expand blood vessels after just one use," the experts explain. The effects seem to be weaker than with normal cigarettes. "Future studies are perfectly justified to clarify the chronic vascular effects of e-cigarettes," says lead author Roberto Carnevale from Sapienza University.

Harmful flavorings in e-cigarettes
"The signs of possible cardiovascular damage indicate a new and under-considered factor in the use of e-cigarettes," the authors explain. Since e-cigarettes are still relatively new to the market, several such negative surprises could come to users of e-cigarettes. Some of the flavorings in e-cigarettes are harmful to our breathing, the scientists add. An older study had already shown that dangerous chemicals in e-cigarettes can lead to a popcorn lung.

The public must be informed about current risks
E-cigarettes appear to have essentially the same adverse effect on our vascular health, but the effects are not as severe as normal cigarettes. "However, we still do not know anything about the long-term effects of e-cigarettes on vascular health," said the scientists. For years, it has been suggested that supporting such products without proof of user safety could pose potential public health risks, experts say. The longer people use e-cigarettes, the more risks are exposed. Therefore, the public should be better informed about the currently known risks. (as)

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