Torn muscle fibers: In the case of muscle injuries, protection is the most important thing

Muscle fiber tear and adductor injury mean EM-out for Khedira and Gomez
A wide variety of injuries threaten during sport, which can sometimes result in a longer forced break. This applies to both hobby and professional sports. For example, two players from the German national team suffered thigh muscle injuries during the Germany-Italy soccer game and therefore cannot participate in the upcoming game against France. Dr. explains exactly what a muscle fiber tear and an adductor injury mean for athletes. Thorsten Hammer in a current press release from the Freiburg University Hospital.

During the European Championship game on Saturday, Sami Khedira suffered an injury to the adductors in the left thigh and Mario Gomez suffered a torn muscle in the right rear thigh, according to the German Football Association (DFB). But what do the injuries actually mean for those affected and what are the chances of an early regeneration? The expert Dr. Thorsten Hammer, Medical Director of Surgery at the University Emergency Center at Freiburg University Hospital and team doctor at SC Freiburg, explains the origin and consequences of such injuries.

Pain a warning sign
As possible triggers for a muscle fiber tear, according to Dr. To name awesome rapid sprints, quick stops and jerky movements. In this case, individual muscle fibers in the muscle would be overloaded and therefore tear. A muscle fiber tear in the thigh, in the calf, on the upper arm or on the shoulder often occurs. Stinging pain is a clear warning signal here. A bruise can also develop in the tissue at the affected area due to bleeding, explains the expert. Depending on the extent and location of the injury, those affected are still able to walk, "but sprinting or shooting is no longer possible," according to the Freiburg University Clinic.

Cool muscle fiber tear as soon as possible
The affected muscle should be "cooled and spared" as soon as possible in the event of a muscle fiber tear, emphasizes Dr. Hammer. A pain-relieving tape bandage could also contribute to relief. Physical protection is essential for those affected. "In the next few weeks, if there is a torn muscle fiber, sports will not be an option," reports the Freiburg University Hospital. The complete regeneration can also be extremely lengthy. But only when those affected no longer feel any discomfort in the muscle can light training and the build-up of stress begin again gradually.

Adductors in football particularly stressed
Even if the adductors are injured, those affected cannot exercise for a long time. The adductors are required, for example, to shoot the ball in football or to change the running direction. These special muscles are required to pull up a part of the body and extend from the pubic bone to almost the knee, according to the Freiburg University Hospital. "This muscle group is particularly stressed in football," explains Dr. Injuries to the adductors are usually associated with pain on the inside of the thigh and those affected can only pull their leg to the body in severe pain. If a corresponding injury is suspected, the muscles and tendons are first checked manually and, if necessary, ultrasound examinations or MRI scans follow.

Physical protection is essential
In the case of adductor injuries, the affected muscle group must be protected and "it is only possible to use the game again after several weeks," explains Dr. Thorsten Hammer. In addition to the physical protection, light walking is advisable, for example, to maintain general fitness. Recovery can be promoted through healthy eating and manual therapies. Regarding the European Football Championship, however, it can be said that the injuries at hand do not allow the two aforementioned players to continue participating in the tournament. (fp)

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