LED street lighting leads to more accidents and harms our health

LED street lighting leads to more accidents and harms our health

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Doctors warn: LED street lights dazzle more and affect our brains
All over the world, people are trying to protect the environment more and reduce energy consumption. For this reason, more and more countries are changing the lamps in their street lamps. The previously yellow lamps are replaced by LEDs with white light. But doctors are now warning that this change could be at the expense of our health. The LED light can lead to more accidents in road traffic. The light also affects the release of melatonin in our brain.

The scientists from the American Medical Association (AMA) found in their investigation that the light from LED lamps affects our eyesight in road traffic. In addition, the release of melatonin in our brain is changed. This creates dangers to our health. The AMA experts have now published a guide to educate people about the dangers of LED street lighting.

LED lanterns lead to more dangers in traffic
To reduce energy consumption around the world, more and more old street lights are being replaced by LED lights. This light appears white to the human eye and can lead to worse glare than the old yellow light, warn the researchers. By influencing our eyesight, there would be more dangers in road traffic, the experts speculate.

LED light affects the release of melatonin in the brain
LED street lighting works on a wavelength that suppresses the release of melatonin in our brain at night, which normally causes us to get tired and fall asleep faster, the authors of the AMA explain. For example, the substance is often used to effectively treat sleep disorders.

Smartphones and tablets are already being switched to a yellowish night light
The problem with the LED street lights is comparable to the concerns about the blue light emitted by smartphones and tablets and which influences the sleep pattern among users, the authors explain. Several manufacturers have already installed a yellowish night light function in their devices to counteract the problem.

Guidelines should ensure that optimal constructions are used
Despite the benefits of energy efficiency, some types of LED lights are harmful to health when used as street lights, explains Dr. Maya A Babu from AMA. The guidelines of the American Medical Association scientists are trying to influence this important topic in such a way that an optimal construction of our street lighting is used when the lamps are switched to LED lighting. This is the only way to avoid harmful effects on our health and the environment, the experts add. (as)

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