Stiftung Warentest: High-priced dog food does poorly

Stiftung Warentest: High-priced dog food does poorly

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High quality food is also available from discounters
"Only the best for my dog" - that is what many owners say and opt for supposedly healthy dry food when feeding. But are the commercially available products really the ideal diet for dogs? The Stiftung Warentest also asked itself this question and took a close look at 23 dog foods. The pleasing result: Almost every second dry food tested delivers a “good” or even “very good” nutrient mix. However, some brands are not suitable as complete food and the most expensive product was not able to convince the testers at all.

Average dogs need around 720 calories a day
Many dog ​​owners rely on dry feed when feeding their animals. But are the popular pellets, croquettes and Co. really the best choice? Stiftung Warentest has currently examined 23 products for adult dogs, including five without cereals. Because many dog ​​owners assume that their four-legged friend has problems digesting the starch in the grain, reports the foundation. Although this has now been scientifically refuted, the thesis is often maintained. Accordingly, the foundation also examined how important cereals are for ideal dog food.

In their tests, the experts assumed an average German dog that weighs 15 kilograms, is only moderately active and needs around 720 kilocalories a day. In relation to the products examined, this corresponds to a daily portion of around 200 grams of feed. According to the foundation, this amount should provide the animal with all the necessary calories and nutrients and e.g. keep fit, healthy and well-groomed with calcium (for the skeleton) and linoleic acid (for the fur).

Test winner comes from the discounter
Of the 23 products tested, only three were rated “very good” and it was shown that high-quality feed does not have to be expensive. The test winners were the croquettes in the “Sancho Aktiv Mix” from Netto (price per daily portion 0.19 euros), of which, according to the manufacturer, only remaining items are available. Just behind was the “K-Classic High Premium Adult” from Kaufland (daily portion: 0.18 euros), and the “Pedigree Vital Protection Adult” also received a one. All three test winners contained grain, which, according to the experts, provides the dog with valuable carbohydrates and fiber. As a result, the feed classified as “very good” was “[...] not only top nutritionally physiological, the feed recommendations were correct and the packs provided helpful information,” said the Stiftung Warentest in a recent press release.

Too much acrylamide and iodine among the losers
The test losers, however, are feed without grain. The comparatively expensive “Bubeck horse meat No. 89 excellent whole food”, which according to its own information comes from “Germany's oldest dog food manufacturer” received the worst rating. The product with a price of 1.40 euros per daily portion was not convincing at all and was therefore given a rating of 5.0: “Almost nothing is right with him: Many nutrients are neglected, as a result dogs can develop deficiencies. The acrylamide content is strikingly high, which can possibly cause cancer in dogs and damage the nervous system, ”reports the foundation. Even the most expensive product in the test received a "poor". Because in the grain-free "Yarrah Adult Dog food" (daily portion: 1.83 euros) the testers found "unusually high iodine", which can favor the development of a thyroid malfunction in dogs.

Starch is also present in feed without cereals
If you only want to take grain-free feed, you should take one of the two rated “good” on the advice of the foundation. Wheat, barley and oats are not harmful to the animal. In addition, the test showed that products declared as "grain-free" also contain starch, with the amounts being comparable to those in grain-containing feed, the message said. (No)

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