Meat-free diet: vegan schnitzel and sausages are becoming increasingly popular

Meat-free diet: vegan schnitzel and sausages are becoming increasingly popular

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Strong rise in meat-free foods: vegan schnitzel and sausages are the trend

In Germany, more and more people are eating exclusively vegetarian food. Many of them completely do without animal products. You will no longer only find a large selection of vegan foods in the organic shop, but also in most supermarkets. However, some of these products should not end up on the plate too often for health reasons.

Vegan food market is booming

Surveys show that fewer and fewer people eat meat. Instead, many of them use meat substitutes made from tofu, seitan, quorn, wheat gluten and the like. Vegetarian schnitzel and sausages have experienced a real boom in recent years, according to experts, the market share of meatless foods continues to increase. According to consumer advocates, such products should only be consumed from time to time for health reasons.

More and more vegans and vegetarians

A few years ago, vegan sausages, schnitzel and meatballs were only available in health food stores and health food stores. Today, such products can be found in almost every supermarket and even at discounters.

According to the nutrition organization ProVeg, around 1.3 million people in Germany currently live vegan, so they do without meat and all other animal products such as milk, cheese and eggs.

"That is around 1.6 percent of the population," the organization writes on its website.

"Just 3 years ago, there were 900,000 vegan people, or 1.1% of the population," it continues. According to the experts, an upward trend is "clearly visible".

And the number of vegans and vegetarians will continue to increase in the next few years, "because more and more people are recognizing the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle for animals, the environment and their own health."

Meat substitutes should not be on the menu too often

In addition, a vegetarian diet is an effective remedy for obesity. Nevertheless, vegan schnitzel and co should only be served on the plate from time to time.

Because many of the replacement products for meat and sausages contain "too much salt and are therefore not recommended", says the Bremen Consumer Center on its website. Another problem is that some of them also contained many unsaturated fatty acids.

And: "Additives, whose frequent consumption is not recommended, can be found in replacement products (e.g. E 425, konjac, a thickener)", write the experts.

"But this problem also exists with traditionally manufactured original products, such as nitrite curing salt in sausage and meat products." (Ad)

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