Constant staring at the screen: what helps against dry eyes

Constant staring at the screen: what helps against dry eyes

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Disturbed tear film: Something can be done about dry eyes

According to experts, dry eyes are among the most common eye disorders in Germany. Around nine million people in this country are said to be affected. Simple measures to counter the symptoms can often help. In some cases, drug therapy is also necessary.

One of the most common eye diseases in this country

It often feels as if fine grains of sand are rubbing on the surface of the eye. The eyes burn, are reddened and are sensitive to light: The dry eye is one of the most common eye diseases in Germany, reports the professional association of ophthalmologists in Germany in a message. According to projections, around nine million people are affected. The quality of life of those affected is often severely limited. But there are a lot of things that can be done about the complaints.

Different causes

Modern lifestyle habits often help more and more people to experience the feeling of dry, irritated eyes.

When working on the computer or looking at smartphones, tablets and the like, you blink less often. Therefore, the tear film is no longer regularly distributed on the surface of the eye and tears open.

Staying in air-conditioned rooms, eating, certain medications and smoking can be other factors that contribute to the development of the disease, which is referred to in the jargon as "Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca".

It is also known that it occurs more often in older people than in young people.

Protect the surface of the eye with the right behavior

But something can be done about the complaints. As the BVA writes, with the right behavior you can protect the surface of the eye, for example by walking in the fresh air and by drinking a lot.

When working with computers, you should always blink deliberately. Other experts point out that the best way to relax your eyes is to use an eye pressure every two hours.

Special eye exercises can also help those affected.

You should also ensure that there is sufficient light in the office.

If you use a fan or are in the car, you should restrict the air circulation and not direct the air flow directly onto your eyes.

If symptoms persist, see an ophthalmologist

Drops against dry eyes are commercially available, but the remedies often have no effect.

In addition, they should always be used with caution, as the preservatives contained can damage the eye.

If symptoms persist, you should see a doctor anyway.

In the ophthalmologist's office it can be clarified whether sufficient tear fluid is formed, how long the tear film is stable and whether the surface of the eye is inflamed.

According to the BVA, the therapy initially uses tear substitutes in the form of eye drops, gel or spray, which stabilize the tear film, relieve irritation and improve the quality of life.

There are also drugs that effectively treat inflammation of the surface of the eye. (ad)

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