Dramatic herpes virus infection: baby dies after only a few weeks of life

Dramatic herpes virus infection: baby dies after only a few weeks of life

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Father warns of his daughter's death: parents should definitely wash their hands

The little Mallory from the USA was only a few weeks old. The girl, who was born healthy, was infected with herpes viruses a few days after birth and did not survive the infection. Her father now warns: Parents should wash their hands before touching their baby.

Mallory was not even a month old

When Jeff Gobers' daughter, born in Phoenix, Arizona, was born, she was a healthy baby. But just a week later, little Mallory contracted a devastating herpes infection. Her parents were then forced to spend the next two weeks watching their little angel die, the English newspaper "Mirror" reports. The father has now decided to inform other parents of newborns about the death of his daughter in order to prevent similar tragedies.

Two out of three people are infected with herpes viruses

According to health experts, two out of three people are infected with herpes viruses, the majority do not even notice it.

The viruses often only become active due to certain influences such as stress or strong sunlight and lead to herpes in the mouth, among other things.

Some people need to be extra careful. Adults with cold sores should be very careful when contacting young children. Because even a kiss from them can be fatal to babies, as an older case from the United States showed.

It was too late for drug treatment

How the little Mallory from Phoenix got infected is not entirely clear. According to her father, she had no contact with people who had cold sores. In addition, no one kissed her on the mouth.

Nevertheless, she caught the herpes simplex virus 1. Jeff Gobers thinks it could have to do with the fact that his daughter kept having her hands in her mouth and eyes and sucking her fingers all the time, catching the virus.

She had no symptoms beyond high fever for most of the first week, and when the blisters appeared it was probably too late for the antivirals.

Highly contagious virus

Herpes simplex virus-1 is a highly contagious virus that causes cold sores and genital ulcers.

According to the information, the virus is very common. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 67 percent of all people on earth are infected.

But most people who contract it never show symptoms and are unlikely to know they are infected. Therefore cold sores are often transmitted unnoticed.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially for babies, especially those with an underdeveloped immune system.

Father addresses the public

Jeff Gobers has therefore addressed the public in a Facebook post and warns of the dangers posed by the virus.

"It is possible to get infected even without active cold sores," the father writes. "If you have a new baby or are in the presence of a baby, wash your hands. Very often."

And: “If anyone wants to hold your baby, make sure that they wash their hands first. Then let him do it again. "

Treat herpes as early as possible

If the infection is known, adults are advised by health professionals to treat cold sores as early as possible. But what helps against herpes?

In the normal course, drugs are often used to inhibit virus multiplication. However, the infection does not always have to be treated with antiviral drugs.

Sometimes home remedies for herpes, such as manuka honey or tea tree oil, are sufficient. It can take up to two weeks from the outbreak of the herpes to the healing. (ad)

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