Thrombosis, shop window disease, varicose veins: how to prevent vascular diseases

Thrombosis, shop window disease, varicose veins: how to prevent vascular diseases

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Dangerous vascular diseases: prevention is better than cure

Millions of people in Germany suffer from vascular diseases. Nevertheless, their signs and their sometimes dramatic consequences are largely unknown to the population. On the occasion of a nationwide campaign day, the topic of vascular health was brought into focus.

Vascular Health Day of Action

"Vascular diseases such as venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, varicose veins or peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD), also known as shop window disease, are common diseases," writes the German Society for Angiology - Society for Vascular Medicine (DGA) in a current announcement. "But their signs, their distribution and their sometimes dramatic consequences are largely unknown to the population," it continues. That is why the nationwide campaign day, which took place under the motto "Prevention is better than cure", focused on educating about these diseases and the importance of healthy vessels.

Thrombosis can be fatal

According to health experts, the number of thromboses and the associated complications in the form of pulmonary embolism has increased significantly in recent years.

Undetected thrombosis quickly becomes a life-threatening condition. After heart attack and stroke, venous thromboembolism is the third most common fatal cardiovascular disease in Germany.

With thrombosis, it is important to act quickly. The right therapy can make the difference between life and death.

Around 100,000 people die each year in Germany as a result of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Millions of German citizens suffer from the shop window disease

Around 4.5 million people in Germany suffer from peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAD), better known as "smoker's leg" or "shop window disease".

In this disease, the leg muscles are not adequately supplied with oxygen and already hurt so much with moderate exercise that the affected person has to stop again and again.

What looks like window shopping is the first impact of a serious illness.

If the circulatory disorder progresses untreated, the legs also hurt at rest as the process progresses. Wound healing is also impaired; in the worst case, there are open spots on the legs.

Every second German has varicose veins

According to doctors, more than half of Germans suffer from varicose veins. "Varicose veins do not cause any discomfort or pain," wrote the German Society for Vascular Surgery and Vascular Medicine (DGG) on its website.

"However, varicose veins can cause leg swelling due to the associated venous circulation disorder, which can be noticeable through a feeling of tension, the feeling of heavy legs or muscle cramps," it continues.

Varicose veins are also prone to inflammation (varicophlebitis), which can be very painful.

Varicose veins can also be dangerous because they increase the risk of thrombosis.

Prevent vascular diseases

What all vascular diseases have in common: "Prevention is better than cure", is the motto of the nationwide campaign day Vascular Health, which was organized by the DGA and the German Vascular League.

The experts give some tips in the message that should help to ensure intact blood flow in arteries and veins:

Drink enough! 2 liters of (low sodium) water or unsweetened teas are the best thirst quencher!

Stay active! Take the stairs instead of the elevator more often, consciously walk (rolling over the whole sole of the foot) or take the bike instead of the car.

Make sure you eat a healthy diet! Whole grain products, muesli, fresh fruits and vegetables, little fat, lean fish and low-fat milk products and use salt sparingly!

Become a non-smoker! Each cigarette train changes one billion oxygen molecules in the blood into free radicals, which attack the walls of the vessels like torpedoes and thus promote arterial calcification.

Integrate venous gymnastics into your everyday life! If you sit or stand a lot professionally, you can train your vessels with simple exercises at work.

And: know your risks! People with high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and overweight are at increased risk of vascular disease. (ad)

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