Expert: alarm signals blood in the urine what does that mean?

Expert: alarm signals blood in the urine what does that mean?

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Theme week: Blood urine alarm

The German Urological Society (DGU) is launching a urological theme week for the third time: after the testicle cancer and prostate cancer theme weeks introduced the new format of patient education with great public response in 2017, the urological theme week "Blood Alert in Urine ”outside the door. The DGU, in cooperation with the Professional Association of German Urologists, will be focusing on the guiding symptom of bladder cancer from 25 to 29 June 2018. For the 5-day action program, the specialist society has once again produced posters and flyers that can be ordered free of charge from doctors, pharmacies, public institutions and associations to support the campaign on the DGU and professional association's website. With the start of the theme week, the complete program will be available at and offers a series of multimedia campaigns that generate attention on all five days of the theme week and are also accompanied on social media.

“Blood in the urine is always an alarm sign that needs to be checked with a doctor because it can be a symptom of a serious illness. That is the most important message that we want to convey with this theme week, ”said DGU press spokesman Prof. Dr. Christian Wülfing. A temporary red coloring of the urine is harmless, which can be caused, for example, by eating beetroot or blueberries; The most common cause of bloody urine is cystitis. Blood in the urine is also the leading symptom for bladder cancer and thus for the second most common urological tumor, which affects around 29,000 people in Germany every year. "Since there is no statutory screening for bladder cancer, it is all the more important to provide information about the early warning sign of this malignant disease," said Prof. Wülfing.

At the beginning of the current theme week, the info flyer “Alarm signals blood in urine” goes online at on June 25, and DGU press officer Wülfing presents the program and concerns of the theme week in a video message. On day 2, the video clip for the theme week will be launched on all channels on the net - in the spirit of the World Cup. This is followed on day 3 by expert interviews on early detection, diagnosis and therapy of bladder cancer, and on the fourth day of the theme week, those affected report on their experiences. On day 5, interested parties have the opportunity to phone personal questions to the DGU experts. The hotline can be reached free of charge from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on 0800 000 55 14.

"Also at this theme week we hope for the broad support of all media, so that our posters and flyers find their way to the people on site, so that they can use our hotline for personal questions and at the same time our message can generate a lot of traffic on the Internet", appeals to the DGU press officer. (sb, pm)

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