Losing weight successfully: How these people hopefully conquered their obesity

Losing weight successfully: How these people hopefully conquered their obesity

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Success stories of former overweight people - The power of the will

Two thirds of men and half of women in Germany are overweight, writes the Robert Koch Institute. A quarter of all adults are even considered obese. As a cause of many complaints and numerous chronic diseases, obesity is increasingly becoming the focus of public health. There are numerous diets and weight loss tips as well as many myths and facts. If you look at the success stories of former obese people, it shows that a strong will in particular brings the desired success to many.

The British George Sinclair weighed almost 140 kilograms at the age of 25. Climbing the stairs was a daily burden for him. He often sat lonely at home and couldn't even scratch where he wanted because his stomach was in the way. In January 2017, the man with obesity decided to lose weight. Instead of running to a gym, he relied on a gentle lifestyle. Bit by bit, he slowly changed the habits that made him fat. A successful concept with which he lost 55 kilos in 10 months.

With these measures, he defeated his obesity

The young man from London was initially unable to do any sports due to his excessive weight. That is why he started to move more in everyday life. He walked to work and to go shopping. He brushed fatty and sugared foods off his shopping list. Instead, he relied on lean protein like white chicken. After the first successes in losing weight, he started jogging and went to the park more often or went out into nature to go for a walk.

Sinning in moderation is allowed

"I know a lot of people who try to lose weight on a crash diet by eating only one carrot in the evening," the 25-year-old told Men’s Health magazine. For him that was nothing. His recipe for success is keeping the measure. But sinning is also allowed, in moderation. For example, Sinclair loves eating pizza. "I don't eat them that often anymore, but when I do it tastes a lot better now," says the Briton.

Lifestyle instead of diet

His long-term concept led Sinclair to the goal. He lost 55 pounds in ten months. In retrospect, he thinks about the importance of the first steps. He used to read success stories about other people who made it and thought that this only happened to other people. "But losing weight doesn't just happen: you have to do it and you have to change," Sinclair sums up.

I eat myself to death

Lobke Meulemeester also lives in England and let herself go after her mother died. For a long period of time, she ate unhealthy foods such as buttered toast, cookies, chips, pizza and cheese sticks. "I was out of control," the British told the magazine "Women's Health". In January 2015, she had reached her peak weight of 105 kilograms, heavier than ever before. She suffered from shortness of breath and back pain. "I'm 33 and I'm literally eating myself to death," she thought when she made the decision to lose weight.

A pedometer brought the initial motivation

She was also unwilling to go to the gym. Instead, she bought a pedometer. On the first day, she said she only reached 8,000 of the recommended 10,000 steps. Only then did she realize how idle she was doing her desk job. She started walking during her lunch break, reaching 15,000 steps a day. After the first successes, she took a Zumba course a few months later and also changed her eating habits. She replaced fatty foods and heavily sugared foods with lots of protein, fruits and vegetables. From time to time she too gave in and ate delicacies such as chocolate or biscuits, but only in small quantities.

I respect myself again

After a few months, the woman with obesity had slimmed down 30 kg with this method and had reached a weight of 74 kg. "This is a change in lifestyle, not a race," said Meulemeester. Now she can respect herself again. And her health has also improved drastically. (vb)

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