Better lean your head forward or back - what is appropriate for nosebleeds?

Better lean your head forward or back - what is appropriate for nosebleeds?

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Put your head back? What to do with nosebleeds

Some people advise that if you have a nosebleed, put your head back and wait for the bleeding to stop. Health experts warn against this method. Because there is, among other things, the risk that the blood gets into the respiratory tract. It is better to bend your head forward.

Causes of nosebleeds are often harmless

It often looks very dangerous to bleed from the nose, but the causes of nosebleeds are usually harmless. However, not always: According to health experts, frequent nosebleeds can also indicate a serious illness. It can be the result of high blood pressure or a symptom of a blood clotting disorder, for example. Then you have to tackle the cause. Experts explain when those affected should go to the doctor.

Bleeding nose due to dry mucous membranes

According to experts, the most common reason for a bleeding nose is dry air that dries out the nasal mucosa.

This increases the risk of the skin tearing, sometimes due to a violent sneeze. The front part of the nose, which is traversed by small blood vessels, is particularly sensitive.

People who take blood-thinning agents are generally more susceptible to nosebleeds. Even with flu infections, there is more of a chance to get spontaneous nosebleeds.

And pregnant women are also more prone to bleeding noses because their mucous membranes are more supplied with blood.

In addition, the nose bleeds a little more often in children.

When should those affected go to the doctor

You do not have to go to the doctor straight away if you experience nosebleeds for the first time, but the cause should be clarified if it occurs repeatedly.

For example, it could indicate high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Another possible reason: nosebleeds can be a symptom of a blood clotting disorder.

Patients who take blood-thinning medication - for example after thrombosis, a heart attack or stroke - should always go to the doctor with nosebleeds.

Since the nose regenerates quickly and therefore the problem can no longer be seen after a few days, it is better not to wait too long before visiting the doctor.

Basically, the following applies: “If the nosebleed in adults cannot be stopped after 20 minutes (earlier in children!), There is a risk of excessive blood loss. The person concerned must go to the doctor immediately! Likewise, if the bleeding is unusually heavy or the nose is visibly injured, ”writes the German Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists on its website“ Otolaryngologists online.

"If nosebleeds cannot be stopped in children for a quarter of an hour, parents should go to the (ENT) doctor with them," it says elsewhere.

What can help with nosebleeds

According to health experts, with nosebleeds it is important to bend the head forward and let the nose bleed out.

One way to stop nosebleeds is to put a cool rag on the back of your neck or hold your nose for ten minutes.

These first aid measures should normally stop the bleeding quickly.

It would be wrong to put your head back.

“This causes the blood to run back into the throat and through the esophagus into the stomach. This can lead to nausea and vomiting. There is also a risk of blood getting into the airways. This is particularly dangerous when the patient is unconscious, ”says the portal“ ENT doctors online ”. (ad)

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