Lactic acid bacteria: keep an eye out for every yoghurt purchase!

Lactic acid bacteria: keep an eye out for every yoghurt purchase!

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Consistency and variety: How to choose healthy yogurt

For many Germans, yogurt is part of their daily diet. The milk product is digestible, easily digestible and has a positive effect on the intestinal flora thanks to the lactic acid bacteria it contains. But which yogurts are more suitable for a health-conscious diet? Some tips from experts can help you choose.

Dairy product with health benefits

A delicious breakfast without fresh yogurt is unthinkable for many people. Scientific studies have also found that yogurt can protect against diabetes and - at least in women - reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Natural yoghurt, which is available in different versions, is particularly popular: creamy or firm, mild or sour. But which is the best?

It's all about consistency

Whoever stands in front of the supermarket shelf has to make a decision: firm or creamy yoghurt - but these differ not only in their consistency.

"A yogurt becomes puncture-resistant when the milk comes into the cup immediately after adding the bacterial cultures and turns into yoghurt there," explains the Stiftung Warentest in its magazine "test".

"If, on the other hand, the mix of milk and bacteria is stirred in large tanks for several hours, the yogurt gets a creamy consistency," the experts continued.

Tough yogurt contains more healthy lactic acid bacteria that build up the intestinal flora
And: "So that it doesn't get too thin, the manufacturers often use skimmed milk powder or withdraw water from it."

Therefore, it contains fewer bacteria per serving than non-stick yogurt, which is sometimes referred to as Bulgaria yogurt.

This also applies to fruit yoghurts, since the addition of sugar and fruit mass reduces the proportion of health-promoting bacteria.

Manufacturers could not prove health-promoting effects

In the past, yogurt was often advertised with the addition "probiotic". So it should be pointed out to supposedly particularly healthy products that have been specially enriched with probiotics.

But according to experts, you don't have to buy yogurt with certain bacteria to do something good for your health. Regular yogurt is also probiotic.

"For years, advertising has promised that probiotic yogurt, more precisely yogurt with probiotic bacteria, activates the immune system and regulates bowel activity," reported the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia in a statement last year.

"But the manufacturers could not prove these statements on the health effects," said the experts. (ad)

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