Diet: Sweet potato consumption can prevent numerous diseases

Diet: Sweet potato consumption can prevent numerous diseases

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Delicious sweet potato: why the tubers are so healthy

The sweet potato, which originally comes from the tropics, is now also grown here. The delicious tuber can be prepared in a variety of ways, even raw when eaten. Eating sweet potatoes also brings some health benefits. A certain substance is primarily responsible for this.

Delicious power food

Sweet potatoes, which are also known as batatas, can no longer be found only in the vegetable counters of organic food stores, but increasingly also in well-stocked supermarkets. In restaurants, they are often offered as a fried side dish to hamburgers. But you can also enjoy the tasty and healthy tuber in another form. There are good reasons why vegetables are becoming increasingly popular as a real “power food”.

Full of important minerals and vitamins

Like the conventional table potato, the batate contains important minerals such as potassium, zinc, calcium and many vitamins.

“The proportions of beta-carotene and vitamin A are higher in sweet potatoes. Potatoes provide more folic acid and phosphorus, ”explains Silke Noll, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center, in a message.

The batate also contains many healthy phytochemicals. The sweet potato owes its pink to yellow-orange or violet coloring antioxidants such as carotenoids and anthocyanins, which also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Due to its high fiber content, the batate is also a good satiety.

A very special material

A substance contained in the sweet potato has a very special health-promoting effect: Caiapo.

This substance, which is mainly contained in the skin of the batate, is said to counter diseases such as anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes.

This effect has also been researched by scientists from the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, National Research Council of Italy in Padua) and experts from the University of Vienna.

Research has shown that Caiapo decreased fasting blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes.

In addition, cholesterol levels decreased and blood levels improved. Overall, a better health status of the study participants was observed.

The results were published in the journal Diabetes Care.

Sweet potatoes are not related to potatoes

Sweet potatoes and table potatoes look similar, but are not botanically related. Both originally come from South America.

"The potato belongs to the nightshade family and tolerates our rather cool, domestic climate well," says Noll from the Bavarian Consumer Center.

The sweet potato, on the other hand, is a winch family and thrives best in a warm tropical climate. However, it is now also grown here.

Shorter cooking times

The taste of sweet potatoes is a mixture of pumpkin, carrot and potato. They contain more starch and taste sweeter, as the name suggests.

The tuber is often processed into sweet potato fries, but you can also enjoy it in another form.

Batatas can be boiled, roasted, baked and mashed. The cooking time is around a third shorter.

In contrast to table potatoes, sweet potatoes can also be served raw as finger food or in a salad.

This is how the tuber can be refined

Depending on the dish, the tuber can be refined with a little salt, coriander, ginger, coconut oil, chilli or a few lime sprinkles. By the way, the same applies to batatas as to conventional potatoes: the skin can also be eaten.

When shopping, care should be taken to ensure that sweet potatoes have no moist or soft spots. This could be an indication of germs. Small to medium-sized tubers are usually tender, thick ones are rather fibrous.

Sweet potatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator, but at room temperature in an airy, dry, light-protected place. With optimal storage, they last at least two to three weeks. (ad)

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