These minimal exercises relieve back pain

These minimal exercises relieve back pain

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Fight back pain with simple exercises

Back pain has become a real common ailment. Those affected are often advised to refrain from physical activity if they experience complaints. According to health experts, however, it is wrong to take excessive care of back pain. Rather, it is important to strengthen the back through exercise and to alleviate the symptoms. Some simple exercises can help.

Almost everyone knows back pain

There are more and more treatments for back ailments in Germany. Health experts say that over 80 percent of pain is muscular. Therefore, it is usually advised to strengthen the back through exercise. People who work at their desk in particular often suffer from back pain and neck tension. This is not surprising. Scientific studies have also shown that sitting for long periods makes you sick. Experts therefore always point out how to relieve and prevent back problems - not just in the office.

Don't take too much care

As a rule, those affected should not take too much care. This is pointed out by the German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DGOU) and the Professional Association for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (BVOU) in a joint press release.

If a dangerous cause or pathologically altered structures can be excluded for the complaints, physical activity is also required.

"If there are no indications of dangerous or specific causes of low back pain such as fractures, infections or a herniated disc, symptomatic treatment and exercise help," said BVOU President Dr. Johannes Fleichenmacher.

Good ergonomics in the workplace

To prevent pain, it is very important to ensure good ergonomics at the workplace. For example, a rotating and tilting screen that is adjustable in height means that you don't have to constantly lean forward or back too far.

According to experts, the viewing distance to the focusing screen should be at least half a meter. Special keyboards or mouse pads with a palm rest are often helpful.

It is also recommended to work on the desktop PC and not on the laptop if possible.

Movement in the office

Regardless of whether you are in the office or somewhere else: a hollow cross should be avoided when sitting. This is easier due to strong abdominal and back muscles. It is also not advisable to remain in a rigid position for a longer period.

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Baua) occasionally recommends working people to rock back and forth with the pelvis or to shift the weight from one half of the buttocks to the other.

In general, more exercise in the office can make sense for better health. Exercises to avoid back pain should also be done regularly. Exercises such as humps, hackers and crawlers are helpful here.

In the latter, the deep back muscles are trained with the swimming movement by moving legs and arms up and down while lying on your stomach.

At the hacker, high-low movements are carried out with the forearms. And the cat hump helps to keep the individual vertebrae flexible. For this, the back is made as round as possible in the four-legged stand.

Regular stretching exercises are also recommended - which can also be carried out at the workplace.

Exercise to prevent back problems

Regular yoga can also reduce back pain.

Obesity should be avoided or reduced. The extra pounds strain bones, intervertebral discs and joints.

Exercise is particularly advisable to prevent back problems. Swimming, Nordic walking or hiking are recommended. When training in the gym, you should only get to the machine in consultation with qualified trainers.

Doctors also advise you to go for a walk in the fresh air more often and to relax. Because stress is a major trigger for back problems.

Warmth helps many

If complaints have already arisen, special exercises for back pain or heat therapy can sometimes help.

Sometimes a warm bath, a warm shower, a warm cherry stone pillow or a warm blanket is enough.

In some cases, orthopedic surgeons recommend back massages that can relieve tension. Depending on the type of complaint, physiotherapy, natural fango baths or exercise in thermal water can also be useful. (ad)

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